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This story would get buried like a cat turd if Gabby was a mud skipper. Cannon Hinnant, a 5 year old boy from
North Carolina, was executed in his driveway by a wild negro, who's girlfriend then drove him out of state and hid.
That was only reported by a few networks - and gone within 24 hours. The queers at Wikipedia(phile) devote
a few sentences to the crime, then a paragraph to "debunking" the fact that the story was buried, which it most
certainly was. Same story with 4 year old Cash Gernon, kidnapped, raped and murdered by a "teen" niggerfaggot.
No mention other than the child was killed, in any accounts reported. There should be lynch mobs outside of both jails.
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Exactly. Where is Dog and Walsh in those cases? I admire the work they do but if Laundrie was black or half black even, Al Sharpton would be over with his mammy. Ben Crump would be representing the family. Nobody would be on tv saying, "Give yourself up dirtbag." Can you imagine? Al Sharpton and Crump would be screaming on tv how as a black man with a white woman he is probably terrified and this is like slave times.