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The nigger's making all kinds of excuses and getting praised for it. This article's going through bullshit that a gymnast (let alone a nigger) has the time to "think fast" on something as quick as a vault. That simply doesn't happen. There's much more "muscle memory" to it, and especially what leads up to it, and the idea of "correcting," or deciding something different, is as much BS as a golfer suddenly changing his mind on the second half of his swing. If you screw up on the approach, you're done. If you screw up on grasping the vault, you're done. It's total bullshit that "OMG it was too dangerous, I had to do less."
Good points, and I know this from personal experience. I never did formal gymnastics, but I was a dancer, and we did some basic gymnastic moves like back handsprings, aerial cartwheels, back layouts, etc. There's no "magic thinky" moment in the middle of a flip. It's made-up BS from the nigger, and any reporter who really knows sports is aware that it's BS, but the lying media cover for this boon like they do for every nog.