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Thread: Leroy says....

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    Unhappy Leroy says....

    I am a Nigger I hate to say
    like a monkey in every way
    YT thinks it's very funny
    to call me names like Junglebunny
    and says because I eek and ook
    I'm really just a type of spook
    But if only he would give me more
    I wouldn't need to be so poor
    So until I gets a job that's real
    all I can do is go and steal
    If I return to my jungle tree
    humans would be free of me
    But as I gets so much for free
    It's better that I leech off thee
    But in the end I know its true
    that I'll have to return to my Afreakan zoo.

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    Clap, clap clap!

    = Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Carrying Pistols
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Copping Pleas

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