I'm sorry that your country (united kingdom) has opened the flood gates to Muslims. I don't know how bad it really is there but I've seen enough to know that there are actually "No Go" zones in cities of your country and certain other countries like France. Entire parts of cities that are Muslim only and they want their evil sharia laws to take over. Your country is being destroyed from within.

Over here in the US we dont have as big of a Muslim problem, because we are further away, but we have probably the most violent black gangs in our cities, and there are places that whites HAVE to stay away from unless we want to get, robbed, shot or raped. We also have a problem with 3rd world migrants from Mexico and Honduras etc that flood illegally into the United States, bringing their drugs with them, and most of them refuse to learn english. Liberal Democrats actually encourage them to flood in here. Liberalism is a cancer that destroys nations. At least Hispanics are mostly catholic & not muslim though, and they have SOME morals, that's the only good thing about them.