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    Another Crapper Gets Deleted

    "Up and Coming Rapper" "FBG Duck" got shot and killed in Chicago today. I wonder if the shooter was a nigger version of Elmer Fudd with a double barrel shotgun, lol.

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    Can't spell crap without rap.

    No great loss. Zero fucks given.
    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Stoopnig View Post
    You could put a blonde wig on a mousetrap and a nigger will fuck it.

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    So sad for yet another nigger cRapper to be gone too soon.

    I agree wit this comment, or I would agree wit it if I could understand it. Probably. Duck looked like such a good boi.

    “This FBG Duck shit is sad but at the end of the day if you make a song dissing the people you beefing wit and call it ‘dead bitches’ it’s no reason you shouldn’t keep ya gun on you.”
    "Ah cain't BREEVE!"

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    There was plenty of bix nood gibberish in that article.

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    Another crapper down the drain.

    Lucky for the jungle bunnies they can simply tune into the linked video and learn to crap and replace their fallen hero crapper!

    = Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Carrying Pistols
    N.A.A.C.P. = Niggers Are Always Copping Pleas

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    Up and coming and now down and going.....bye bye nig nog !!
    Niggers are only ever between crimes, like resting actors between appearances.

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