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Thread: New fella here

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    New fella here

    Thanks for having me guys. Been looking through here for a while now. Just glad to see there is a place where we can be proud to be white and not get punished for it. Happy to be on this forum.

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    Glad you decided to join our forums and chimpout family

    Niggers & Muslims are a Sub-Human Sociopathic Species and Their Coddlers the Enemy

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    We're getting to a place in this country where being straight, male, and especially White, is viewed as a crime. This is definitely not the country it was when I was born.

    Glad you found us!


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    Hi there!

    Enjoy your stay here, where you can speak the truth without being tarred and feathered by a mob of libtards, betas, and SJWs!
    "Ah cain't BREEVE!"

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    Welcome Aboard. Have fun bashing. Let the niggers have it. It's the best part of the day. Have been looking for months now for a better State and City to get to and since haven't found one yet I found here is the best so far.

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    Welcome to the site...

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