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    white prayer group knees down and begs forgiveness from niggers

    A white prayer group has got down on their knees to beg forgiveness from a pack of hopeless apes - to try and repent their sins for years of racism from humans.
    Niggers are only ever between crimes, like resting actors between appearances.

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    Isn't there some other planet normal, thinking humans can go live on? I've had enough of this one.

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    Those people need to be sterilized. They are a plague upon humanity. I'm talking about these prayer idiots. Not the Niggers will end themselves without human's involved.

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    Believe me I feel your pain...this is really sickening. Let's check out the moon there should be no NIGGERS or Libtards there??? ..hope not.
    Whenever i hear about a crime being committed, I'll always say to myself "It's Gotta' Be a NIGGER" (especially with violent crimes) and of course 99% of the time I am right.

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