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    The Great Awakening

    Things are going mostly as expected, but what I love most about all of this is how it is opening the eyes of the masses, and revealing the madness of niggerloving.

    Cognitive dissonance is roughly described as engaging in behavior that allows you to not acknowledge things that go against what you want to believe. For almost a century the American people were fed the lie that niggers deserved freedom and rights, and that they were just like us.

    The wool is being lifted from the eyes of the masses, and they are seeing the reality of the situation: niggers are NOTHING like us, and nothing we do to "help" them will make them behave like us.

    We had affirmative action which lowered standards for niggers so they could work in jobs that had standards.

    We had welfare for niggers that chose to live cradle to grave in poverty.

    We had political correctness because we were afraid to hurt the feelings of the niggers. In reality, we were always afraid that they might chimp out and attack us for saying the wrong thing, or for no reason at all.

    We had lowered college admission standards so we could give niggers bachelor's degrees in the philosophy of underwater basket weaving, and we cheapened the value of those degrees for ourselves.

    We let them take control of cities and destroy them.

    We engaged in "human flight" instead of staying and resisting the destruction of that which we had created and built.

    We did all of this for the nigger, only to have the nigger continually resist domestication and, ultimately, to have it attempt to destroy the American way of life. The time of cowardice is over, and we, as law abiding citizens and humans, should do the right thing and push back.

    Not by engaging in violence or tit-for-tat behaviors, but by using our freedom of speech and voting powers to enact powerful change in our nation. Faith in our democratic republic, faith in law and order, and faith in humanity is what will see us through these troubled times. We must remain strong and do what we can to rebuild our country, cage the criminals, and ship the niggers back to Africa.

    Also, please remember to be responsible and not spread diseases like COVID-19 to each other.

    God bless all of you, my strong warriors, and together we will make America great again.

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    Exactly what I believe!

    The phony canard of "racism" is a social construct concocted by the global left 100 years ago to weaponize (mainly) niggers against Humans.

    For all of Human history, up to that point, niggers were universally viewed as inferior savages incapable of anything more than an hour-by-hour subsistence.

    What changed? How are niggers different now than they were 3,000 years ago?

    I hope you're right and the Sleeping Human Giant is awakening. I actually think we turned the corner a couple decades ago, and a few decades from now, things could look quite different.

    This country is definitely re-segregating...

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    Chimpout Guest
    There's one memo these libtard anarchists have missed. The "black" people they know are the .001% of the nigger population with enough human DNA to have made it to their 20s without a felony conviction. The demonstrators are totally oblivious to what it's like for cops to have control these animals every day. They're not protesting against police killing groids. They're protesting against the incontrovertible fact that Nigger depravity doesn't gell with their rosy view of the "humanity" we all share. As soon as the body cam footage showing Floyd's chimpout is released, they'll see the error of their ways.

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    Chimpout Guest
    Completely agree. I have heard a LOT of talk from people about how enough is enough and it's time to take America back from the niggers and their bleeding-heart libtard allies.

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    People in my county are arming up literally and casting rioters the fuck out. It happened yesterday. I didn't know it was going down until I spoke to a neighbor about it and saw it on the local news this morning. Was literally only a couple miles from me. About 30 men showed up armed with AR-15 and shotguns knowing a planned riot was going to take place. They stood in a line blocking the road to the neighborhood. Most of the "protesters" were white cucks from what I heard who when they saw the line of firearms turned their happy ass around. They didn't even get out of their cars. God I wish I could have been there to see that. It was probably some college liberals looking for a safe place to destroy shit. Seems they were wrong.

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    They should have flanked them and blocked them in and arrested everyone one of those PANtifa fags
    Niggers & Muslims are a Sub-Human Sociopathic Species and Their Coddlers the Enemy

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    This "Great Awakening" is not limited to the USA. The "whole white world" is watching aghast.

    There were some smaller chimpouts in Europe yesterday, and leftist agitators are trying to rile up niggers and towelheaded mudslimes to riot in Australia as well. The MSM in Australia seem less afraid to offend the nigger than it is in Europe or USA, and most of the reporting there has been accurately labeling them as "race riots".

    All the political lessons of 2020 prove that RACE STILL MATTERS: Border protection is crucial and saves lives. Chinese in-group loyalty is stronger than civic loyalty (mask hoarding). Chimps are proud of their ability to cohesively unite against whitey.

    These "lessons" are being learned all across the white world right now, not a moment too soon. Every other civilization would not have to be "taught" this way, because these conclusions are obvious to everyone not infected with white guilt.

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