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    Buck chops up two people because of covid lockdowns

    Ugly dimwitted buck chops up two random people because of covid lockdowns.
    More nigger logic.

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    If the colors were reversed there would be t-shirts made in outrage. Just saying.
    That was the best highest rated comment I could find. Everyday folk are done with the nigger menace. There's nowhere to conceal it anymore. Niggers are a drain on civilization and there's no experiment left to undertake to disprove the theory.
    Niggers are only ever between crimes, like resting actors between appearances.

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    Kelvin Edwards, you filthy, worthless, vile, despicable pile of stinking nigger pig crap: We are all hoping you have an amazing time during your long enrollment @ NU.

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    In a sane society crazy niggers like this would be been put down along time ago, if our pets did this.

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    If we sent them back to their muddaland when the idiots freed them, this would have never happened.

    That was Lincolns plan, but the nigger loving cuck president after Lincoln (Andrew Johnson) decided to let them stay and coddle them.

    My burning hatred for niggers grows exponentially everyday.
    Niggers & Muslims are a Sub-Human Sociopathic Species and Their Coddlers the Enemy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch Doctor View Post

    My burning hatred for niggers grows exponentially everyday.
    Same with me, I hate their vile ugly race.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    But whatabout Ahmaud Arbery?, says every libtarded cuck
    The only "advanced nigger run nation" in the world, Wakanda, is in a pre-adolescent, comic book, super hero fantasy created by whites.
    I learned racism from the nigs. I am not a white supremacist, just a black inferioricist.

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