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    Mega-turd Obama sold VIRUSES to China... And we get coronavirus back

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    So the gay koonian America-hating sub-cockroach down-low HNIC Barry the Fairy Insane Ohomo sold BIOWEAPONS (including viruses) to the Chinese:

    This is scary:

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    That traitorous homo drug addict muzzie nigger needs to hang and then shot for what he has done to this country.
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    That in addition to the nuclear weapons research funding he heaped upon his fellow murderous savage sand apes in Iran to support his asslifter Mudslime brothers.
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    Tucker Carlson Airs Report Claiming Coronavirus ‘Probably Originated From A Laboratory In Wuhan’

    The report detailed the tracing of COVID-19 to the intermediate horseshoe bat — a bat that they confirmed was not available at the Wuhan wet market and did not live locally. In fact, the report noted that native populations were no closer than 600 miles away from the first known cases, making a natural transmission from bat to human appear more unlikely.

    The only place those particular bats existed locally was inside a research facility — which was just several hundred yards from the Wuhan wet market — and the paper’s ultimate conclusion was that the coronavirus pandemic had likely been the result of a leak from the lab: “The killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

    Carlson went on to attack American media outlets for failing to cover the story, in spite of the fact that the report had been publicly available for nearly two months.
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