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    Chinese colonization of Africa leading to Chinese men oildrilling

    Interracial marriages on the rise in China
    Mixed-race marriages still uncommon enough in China to evoke curiosity, but increasing African ties are boosting numbers.

    Interracial marriages between Chinese and Africans are on the rise as a direct result from China's increasing investment in, and trade with, Africa .

    More than a million Chinese migrants now work and live on the African continent, while the number of Africans in China is thought to be around half that.
    "Forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in China, let alone marry a Chinese," Al Jazeera's Adrian Brown reported.

    "But today, marriages like this are no longer exceptional... marrying a foreigner is no longer regarded as marrying down in the way it perhaps once was here," he added.
    China's economic courtship of Africa began twenty years ago, and one of the consequences is a new generation of mixed race children.

    "Nowadays there are more and more international marriages in China, even some of [my] friends also married foreigners," Qianshun explains.

    "Chinese have become more accepting to intermarriage," he added.

    The man of the future will be of mixed race. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. - Richard Nikolaus of Coudenhove-Kalergi (Father of the EU)

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    Is there a reason for that, or are they feeling suicidal like the Americans and the Europeans who have not only legalized miscegenation, but encourage it?

    You know you are doing something wrong when you are intentionally making your descendants weaker and dumber.

    Wakanda is NOT real, you fucktards.

    Maybe the Chinese need to do what they did under Chairman Mao's rule, and falsify reports to such an extent that millions of their own people die as a result of their own stupidity.
    Do not call for black power. Call for human power.

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    islam (is-LAHM) n.
    1. The frothy mixture of semen and goat dung resulting from Muslim sex.

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    It's still a very small percentage of the Chinese population, BUT one additional nigger is one too many. If the oildriller's ancestors saw this, they would not be at peace in the afterlife. Such a disgrace to add vileness and shit into your descendant's gene pool. Any human who miscegenates with niggers commit the unforgivable: beastiality.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    This has long been a source of horror for me. Clever industrious Asians breeding with violent feral stone age niggers. We may be on the brink of a new sub-species of nigger more dangerous than any we have seen before. ABORT THEM ALL!!!!
    Black privilege is getting to act like a fucking chimp in public and then having the balls to make everybody else apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rape Ape View Post

    Those damn Chiggers
    Niggers & Muslims are a Sub-Human Sociopathic Species and Their Coddlers the Enemy

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    We can call the offspring Yellatos...
    A nigger is the only creature in all of God's creation that can commit heinous and violent crimes, and then have the gall to petition for laws meant to restrain society's response to that criminality. Even a terrorist understands that bad things will happen if they're caught.

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    Sesame oil drilling and covid

    Cracky Chan
    Bruce Leroy
    Leroy Chinkins
    Gingivitis Khan
    Yo' Maing

    Viruses crossing species lines: This is where the Wutang clan flu came from.

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