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    Cop gets fired after arresting 6 year old shitlet at skoo

    A stinking little niglet gets its first arrest and of course, the cop gets fired after 28 years service. This is Monkeyland, it's near Disneyland in Orlando. Niggers, the world's common enemy.

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    Was it just my imagination or was that a nigger cop that arrested her? I didn't think they could be fired.

    Either way, get used to those cuffs and bars, snigglet!

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    Niggers are taught from the moment they start stealing air that they are above the law and everything is racist.

    As a cop you have to make good on your word and take a nigger to jail. The niglet thought it would just get away with it because popo cant do shit. Good thing it was not a human cop or riots would have resulted.

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    That little niglet is learning now to be uppity from a very young age and soon its monkeyshines is going to inconvenience some hard working white human.
    I only hope TNB gets to it before that happens.

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    Fired for that!? That is the gentlest arrest I've ever seen. Usually nigger cops come down extra hard on their fellow nigs.

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    Don't think it was the nigger cop that got fired. The body cam is from the ( believed human ) cop that got fired. The BBC would never show a nigger authority figure at fault. The BBC always posts half page size images of guilty humans on their filthy web site and only tiny, non eye catching images of murderous niggers, guilty of savage crimes.

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    Whats the problem? All niggers have a rap sheet and have felt the cuffs on their filthy paws many times by the time they are 6.
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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