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    Sub-cockroach America-hating Biden chooses FT Moochie Moochelle as running pri-mate

    The really scary part of this is that Biden is in terrible health. if something should happen to him, we would get the feral mega-turd sub-cockroach former "never-been-proud-of-America" First Tranny as HNIC, which would give us another 4 years of Barry the Fairy Insane Ohomo's America-destroying failed policies and niggernomics.

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    Read the story here!

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    Creepy Sleepy Pedo Joe just wants to have Mooch ass rape him and then give Mooch the Rusty Trombone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch Doctor View Post
    Creepy Sleepy Pedo Joe just wants to have Mooch ass rape him and then give Mooch the Rusty Trombone.
    I don't comment on American politics, but having Michael as a mascot in this fake-nigger-loving climate seems like a new low and a pathetically obvious one. NO human, no matter how depraved, genuinely likes niggers. If they say they do they're lying.

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    That is how desperate the left is to beat trump.

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    I don't think that he actually chose her, I think that he's just throwing that out there.
    “I sure would like Michelle [Obama] to be the vice president,” Biden said Tuesday at a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa.
    But when these DNC clowns screw over Boinie again, there will be consequences. Not, that I like Boinie or anything, I don't, it's just that his Socialist gravy train o' gibs muh dats feel good message resonates so much better with a large segment of the DNC camp that don't make six figures working in entertainment, big tech, media or whatnot. Take Boinie away from these people and there will be hell to pay.

    Bernie Bros Warn Of A ‘Mass Exodus’ If Joe Biden Gets The Democratic Presidential Nomination
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    They're also suggesting he might pick that gap-toothed extra fugly fat battle sow Stacey Abrams. The one that chimped out and refused to concede when it lost by more than the recount margin in Atlanta.
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    He committed to a female running mate last night, and it would likely be a sow. Another possible choice could be kameltoe Harris, but she’s pretty much despised my most. I am deeply concerned that with the economy in the shitter now these pricks could actually win.

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    He should pick Orca Winfrey as his running mate.
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