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    Chimpout Guest

    Niggers in Fashion Show

    I really don't know what is going on here, but it is pretty funny. Sounds like the Chinese don't give a damn about comparing niggers to monkeys.

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    Blue Gum
    Chimpout Guest
    Why do these nigger models try and look white? They pick Niger models that have thin lips straighten their hair or wear a wig and have thin noses it's the complete opposite of what true Nigger traits are, niggers are naturally ugly as shit and smell like shit too, they should make the nigger keep its nigger features to remind everybody exactly how dirty and ugly niggers are

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    Chimpout Guest
    Niggers are a misfortune for all of us. They truly are the asshole of the universe. There is nothing more backward and incapable as the nigger. Their demise was assured by mother nature, but humans misbelieving that these sordid creatures are from the same species, tend to veil them with the natural instinct of humanity and perpetuate their miserable existence.

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