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    Libtard White Guilt Teacher of the Year Kneels to Protest at CFB Championship Game

    "She" even quoted Marchin Lootin Koon.

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    Holstine was an English teacher at a Shakopee alternative high school
    "Was" is the key word here. We can only hope she's not still teaching anywhere. I'd bet she gained her love for niggers at the Shakopee alternative high school. Shakopee is near Minneapolis/St. Paul. Being an "alternative high school" in close proximity to that metro area, I'm sure it is filled with stupid violent nigglets that were so bad they could not remain in a regular public school. Her progressive liberal heart just bled for the "poor downtrodden victims of a racist society." Someone should have told her that her efforts were a complete waste. Niggers cannot be educated, they can only be trained. Humans can be educated in a variety of subjects that require non-physical conceptualization, while niggers can only be trained to perform low level physical tasks like emptying trash cans, cleaning floors and cleaning toilets (Niggers often cannot even be trained to use a toilet though.)

    Holstine later tweeted that she was given a “platform to stand up for marginalized and oppressed people"
    Well Holstein cow lady, niggers are not "marginalized and oppressed people." Niggers are a form of animal who are unwisely treated as people and who have everything handed to them and still can't survive on their own. Never satisfied, always wanting more. They think they should all be CEO's and 'Kangs' n sheeeet.

    And really? It was a platform to make a statement? I thought she was invited to be honored for being a Teacher of the Year and watch a football game. How did that crap work out for that nigger that started that disrespectful garbage? If she is still teaching and I had kids, I would pull my kids out of any of her classes and tell the school that it's purpose is not to brainwash children with objectionable politics and agendas. I would call for her termination from her job. Adults need to lead by example and disrespecting the national anthem to support niggers is NOT a good example.

    This Holstein cow might feel differently about supporting niggers when she gets her first set of nigger sunglasses. Then again, she might feel like she deserves it, in which case she'd be right, but not for the reason she thinks. By her appearance, in my humble opinion, it looks like she might prefer nigger sows.

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    Reading these two pages tells me everything I need to know. This is EXACTLY the kind of person who should NOT be teaching anyone anything. Makes me want to puke.

    As a side note, I take exception to the use of terms like Islamophobia or homophobia. "Phobia" indicates an extreme or irrational fear of, or aversion to something. Like Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) or Aquaphobia (fear of water). I do not have extreme or irrational fears. What I have is extreme disgust. Like when someone (a nigger) attending a party whips down their pants and lets loose a voluminous quantity of rank smelling diarrhea on the living room carpet while also vomiting. I do not fear the diarrhea and vomit, it simply disgusts me. My disgusts and loathing about certain things or groups are not irrational fears or aversions, they are well thought out opinions with justifications that some less discerning and less intelligent people may not agree with.

    I do not have niggerphobia (a fear of niggers). I believe it would be more correct to say I have nigger-odi (nigger loathing) {I believe 'odi' is Latin for loathe, hate, disgust}

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    I wouldn't be surprised if she was doped up to the gills with drugs for her "personal issues."
    Do not call for black power. Call for human power.

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