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    Base of white, working-class voters projected to decline and replaced by Dem-leaning groups

    Demographic Shift Poised to Test Trump’s 2020 Strategy

    President Trump’s 2020 election strategy relies largely on the white, working-class base that he excited in 2016. But he faces a demographic challenge: The electorate has changed since he was last on the ballot in ways likely to benefit Democrats.
    Working-class, white voters are projected to decline by 2.3 percentage points nationally as a share of eligible voters, compared with the last election, because they are older and therefore dying at a faster rate than are Democratic groups. As those voters pass on, they are most likely to be replaced by those from minority groups or young, white voters with college degrees—groups that lean Democratic.
    That means Mr. Trump will have to coax more votes from a shrinking base—or else find more votes in other parts of the electorate.
    “Trump has a certain hill to climb, and this suggests that the hill gets a little steeper,’’ said Ruy Teixeira, a demographer with the States of Change project, which provided assessments of the 2020 electorate.
    The project is a joint venture of think tanks with different ideological leanings: the liberal Center for American Progress, where Mr. Teixeira works; the center-left Brookings Institution; the Bipartisan Policy Center; and the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, which includes participants from across the political spectrum.
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    Every election gets more difficult with the gap widening. Conservative middle class families are being outbred by liberal welfare depending broods. With each generation it seems to get exponentially worse. To top it off the democrats want to allow felons and illegals amnsesty so they can vote as well. There used to be a swing one way or the other every decade or so. Now the every growing population who all got participation trophies for being born and indoctrinated into the safe space lifestyle are too afraid to leave the safety net. The future is not bright when you look at the likes of "the squad" and see what is being voted in.

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    Considering the fact that the population of young cuckold whites is off-the-charts, these days, my take is the political direction of the USA is changing rather quickly. I give it one, maybe two more election cycles after this next one, and all hell is going to break loose in this country.

    Trump will win, so we have until at least 2024 to prepare for the tidal wave of bullshit which will wash across much of America later on this decade. Key word here is "prepare". I'd say by 2026 shit will be hitting the fan, by 2028 and into 2030 much of this country will be taken over by lefties and their non-white, anti-Judeo-Christian Free Shit Army (FSA).

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