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    Pete Buttigieg wants legalize all drugs including meth and heroin

    1980s Drug Czar Calls Pete Buttigieg’s Drug Decriminalization Plan ‘Nuts’

    A former White House drug czar is arguing that South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s proposal to decriminalize possession of all drugs will “encourage” more substance misuse.

    In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Bill Bennett reacted to a roundtable discussion Buttigieg had with the Des Moines Register earlier this week, where the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate discussed how his perspective on drug policy has shifted in recent years.

    The mayor said that he’s come to the conclusion that incarceration is an inappropriate response to simple possession and does more harm than drugs themselves.
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    I am all for the legalization of weed. People that want to do it are going to do it. We waste too much money enforcing a drug which we could tax instead. Don't get me wrong I am far from one of those pro weed nuts that think it is harmelss and is a cure all. It isn't the gateway to hell either. It can have benefits for "some" but DOES have side effects. I just wish that the 99.9% of others using it will just admit they want to get stoned and laugh at bad movies. I get tired of the comparison to alcohol. To me that is like saying more people die from niggers than muslims so lets let more of them in. Bad comparison I know but you get the idea.

    Everything else I say not only do we legalize it, we manufacture it and give it to niggers for FREE. As much as you can put in your veins. Nigger crime would go way down if they could just show up to the crack house for their hit and lots of them will be made good. We would save billions a year.

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    Buttigieg looks like a fucking chipmunk! WTH would want a psychopathic chipmunk for president?
    The countless stars of heaven's field were mirrored in his silver shield...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mentat of House Atreides View Post
    Buttigieg looks like a fucking chipmunk! WTH would want a psychopathic chipmunk for president?
    A chipmunk that's met Richard Gere, no less.

    Butt Guy is getting more and more desperate for attention, but it looks like it's now between the crusty old little girl groper and the fake squaw. At which point there will be a contested convention and they'll chuck the Side of Beef in a Pantsuit in instead.
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