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    Muslim UN Officials Block Christian Refugees from Getting Help

    Of course this article references "Christians" who are sandniggers that 'converted' from jizzlam. But, wouldn't it be nice if they would fight for Christian Boer refugees that are trying to flee nigger violence as well?

    A Former Archbishop of Canterbury Says "Enough"

    Lord George Carey is suing Britain's home office alleging that "politically correct" officials have been "institutionally biased" against Christian refugees. He also wants to find out why out of 60-thousand Syrian war refugees accepted into the United States and Britain in 2014, almost none were Christians.

    Lord Carey's attorney, Paul Diamond, explains the case:

    "You have this absurd situation where the scheme is set up to help Syrian refugees and the people most in need, Christians who have been "genocided," they can't even get into the U.N. camps to get the food. If you enter and say I am a Christian or convert, the Muslim U.N. guards will block you [from] getting in and laugh at you and mock you and even threaten you.
    Britain Ignores Christian Refugees While Welcoming ISIS Children

    President Trump told CBN News in 2017 that Christian refugees would be given priority. But Muslim governments officially classify Christians as security threats, causing their asylum applications to western countries to be rejected.

    The UN Refugee program did not respond to our request for answers.

    Lord Carey has publicly appealed for money in his suit against the British home office, which has already threatened the 84-year churchman with all court costs if he loses.

    Meanwhile, Britain's Home office is spending a lot of time and money on the resettlement of the children of ISIS terrorists.
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    This is clearly an attempt to genocide Christians.

    Muslims create a mess in their own nations, then they leave and go to first world countries to fuck things up there, all the while leaving Christians in the shitstorm that the sand niggers created.

    Mohammad would be proud.
    Do not call for black power. Call for human power.

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