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    Homeschooling on the rise...

    I guess white parents are sick of their kids getting attacked by niggers. This mentions a minority loving plan that keeps them out of jail. Solutions anyone?

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    Me and my siblings were all sent to private school, if the parents can afford then they should, if not home schooling is the next best thing to.....

    and save your child's life.
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    Any more, if you can afford it, you should send kids to private school or homeschool. Unless you're one of the lucky very few who is in a rare decent public school district, your kids at best will not learn anything, and at worst will be surrounded by juvenile IQ 45 murder monkeys and rape apes. Everything will be dumbed down to that level, and the TNB and rampant drugs and violence will not be kept in check.
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    Even private schools are required to teach the state approved curriculum which includes every liberal mantra you'll find in the public screwull system. Hildabeast Clinton saw to it with her "Goals 2000" bullshit.

    Home schooling was not left completely unscathed as the student is still required to pass state standardized test in order to further education after the HS level or to avoid jail time for the parents along the way. Some states are worse than others, though.

    Where I come from, it was not at all uncommon to see a bumper sticker reading "Save the Children - Teach them at home."

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    Homeschooling is good and bad. You keep your kids away from niggers and have more influence over what they learn but at the same time school is suppose to be more than all of that. There is a certain aspect of school, especially high school which is learning social skills. Meeting friends. After-school activities. I have known quite a few kids, relatives who were home schooled. They really seem to tend to be socially awkward. Lack social skills. Don't seem to have that drive to move onto the next step in life. Don't have the skills to go anywhere alone or the desire to do things most young people look forward to like getting a drivers license. Now is this due to the home school thing? I can not say for certain but it just seems like kids would miss out on so much.
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