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Even when the SA is stupid enough to hire niggers, you know the shitskin steals from the kettle. "Maign, dat be a bad day, only was gibs foh dollars!" Today it was a nigger barely at the kettle, not even ringing or saying anything, just leaning back against the front of the store, muppa muppa bixnooding on its sail foam. Think I'd trust any money I put in would be turned over?

I was pissed at the SA for years because when they were supposed to pick something up on the last possible day, the lazy niggers (are there any other kind?) said they couldn't take it because of a slight dirt spot, and refused to wait for me to wipe it off. I gave yesterday because it was a very nice white woman ringing the bell, wishing everyone coming and going a Merry Christmas. That's how it should be. I wasn't sure what cash I had on me, so I said, all right, whatever small bills I have, I'll give. Turned out to be just three dollars, but hey.
SA can suck my dick. Twice I've been insulted by them irl.
One of the nigger ringers outside Kroger was pissed because all I put in was a dollar. I shit you not. SA gets the money and shit free and this nigger ape wants to bitch.

Then, not only was it a nigger being like that. I donated some stuff to a SA store in Ann Arbor and this fat ugly white bitch wants to yell at me for bringing junk. Are you kidding me? It was books, a couple older computer screens and misc. Inside their store you see much worse dumb shit nobody wants and this company is getting their inventory for free and sells it for profit and this fat stretch mark old Helen bitch wants to complain? Fuck the SA.

I can't wait for this ring of scam stores disguised as a "charity" collapses. Both Goodwill and SA need to be disbanded. 95% of your donated money and money from donated goods goes to the company pockets to pay employees, rent, utilities, etc. The rest goes to whatever charity they decide to focus on. Scam!!!!