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    Why “Racist” is Losing Its Power

    A look at the rise and fall of a useless word.
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    I don't think the word "racist" means what it used to simply because there is a huge difference between between humans discriminating against other members of the human race (Jews, for example), and humans discriminating against niggers, which are members of an entirely different species.

    Niggerlovers overuse the term "racist" to describe people that discriminate against niggers, and this is an inherently flawed strategy.

    No nigger, or any descendant of a nigger, can ever be a member of the human race. Therefore, all accusations of racism when applied to humans in that context are null and void.

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    Racist equals realist in today's society.

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    There's the human race, and the nigger race. But the correct delineation is species. Darwin should have devoted his magnum opus to show the origin of the nigger species as it failed to become civilized.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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