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    Exclamation Groid arrested after biting off gas station employees' ear lobe, fingertip

    A witness told police that she saw pavement ape Dirk Edwyne Johnson bite off the male employee's earlobe and the female employee’s fingertip.

    The groid was taken into custody. Once at the substation, police say it became combative. It was reportedly banging its head on a table and screaming profanities.

    Police say that the coon has a history of biting off extremities.

    Genetics/hereditary is a very powerful thing!

    Chimps bite off keeper's fingers in zoo attack

    Chimp bites off student's finger at Aspinall zoo

    Chimp bites off zookeeper’s fingers and ear

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    Those 2 humans that got bitten are screwed, they now have AIDS, every STD know to mankind, along with being infected with nigger venom.
    Niggers & Muslims are a Sub-Human Sociopathic Species and Their Coddlers the Enemy

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    Police say that the coon has a history of biting off extremities.
    It's known to have a history of feral attacks, probably MANY, but of course is set free to keep doing it.

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    I can see how someone might mistake a chimp as cute and want to touch it. But a nigger? My hands aren't going anywhere near a nigger. I feel bad for the police who have to get that close.

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