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    A Veterans Day Disgrace on the NYSE

    NYSE Observes a Moment of Silence for Veterans Day.

    So you might ask, what is so disgraceful about that? Well, I will tell you, with apologies to anyone who has heard this refrain from me every year for the past decade and a half.

    See, I am old enough to remember when the exchanges were closed for the day in honor of the veterans. Not a moment of silence at the opening bell, but closed. All day. In honor of the veterans, you see.

    But there was a new holiday that needed to be celebrated, and there were already too many days off as it was. If one was to be added, then one needed to go. And so the veterans were cast off and left to the wolves. Those veterans, they said, they weren't so great, why have the whole day off just for them? We have a new holiday to celebrate, they said! As I said, a total disgrace.

    And the new holiday? Why it's that worthless, greasy, loudmouthed, unworthy nigger Martin Lucifer Koon, of course. Much more important than some dirty veterans, went the thinking at the NYSE. Of course, they didn't actually come out and say that, but judging by their actions, what else are we supposed to think?

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    Black lives DON'T matter. Never did, and never will.

    You can't have law and order and filthy niggers too.

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    I would expect NO less coming from New York, run by that nigger loving cuck Cuomo and de Blasio the oil drilling cuck.

    This among many reasons I moved the hell out of New York.

    But doing away with Vets day and replacing it with that "Martin Lucifer Koon" holiday just grinds my gears.....
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    I remember when we used to have Vets day off then Nigger day was made the Fed holiday instead. Coonyers did that shit. Its a disgrace & utter disrespect. Our armed forces protect us. Nigger boy only aimed to help his people. Fuck all you negroes and your useless sprogs.
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    On the subject of veterans and veterans day... As a veteran myself I have always felt uncomfortable with the "thank you for your service" line. Most people are genuine about it but when I used to go places in uniform I just wanted to eat my meal in peace or fill up my gas tank etc. I wasn't there for attention and typically only was there in a uniform because I did not have time to change. Don't get me wrong I was proud of my uniform but also humble about it. At work for veterans day they have this slideshow up on the TVs in the cafeteria and break rooms with people who submitted photos of themselves in uniform. I kept getting asked where is my photo. I wasn't to tell them it is enough for me that you said thank you. I do not need to be on display. However... When I go to Home Depot or Sportsman's Warehouse I am not ashamed to take that discount

    I rememebr a few years back some nigger was kicked out of Applebee's for pretending to be a veteran for a free meal with a mix and match uniform he got from the Army/Navy store. He had his DD214... Which was obviously fake. Showed his photos which literaly were Navy and Army but he was weating an air force blouse with army trousers. It was racist of course...

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