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    How the FedRes & IRS enable illegals to funnel remittance money out of the US

    Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch broke this story a while back, but Michelle Malkin's new story on this is worth a look.

    But this is easy to forget not merely because the impunity enjoyed by countless individuals and private groups pushing for Open Borders--it is above all the US government’s active disregard for its own laws. If you pay taxes, your money is making this lawlessness possible.

    One example: The Federal Reserve runs a remittance service called Directo a México (“Direct to Mexico”) and promotes it in collaboration with the Institute for Mexicans Abroad, an agency of Mexico’s Foreign Ministry. By 2010, more than four hundred banks and credit unions had signed up for Directo a México. Any illegal worker in the US can get an account at such a bank by means of an “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number" issued by the Internal Revenue Service itself. Both the Fed and the IRS are thus openly in violation of the law against aiding illegal aliens.
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    Trump did away with the "TIN" numbers for Illegal wall jumpers and seasonal farm workers. They now have to apply for a real social security number.
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