Is the KKK even still a thing anymore? Seriously.
FBI May Investigate KKK Recruitment Flyers Discovered at High School in Texas

Authorities are investigating a high school in Texas after Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers were found circulating in a boy’s restroom.

According to CNN, a student at East Central High School discovered a flyer stuck between a soap dispenser and the wall which says, “save our land” in the top left and “join the Klan” across the bottom.

The flyer was reportedly found on Tuesday and depicts a cartoon of a hooded Klansman bearing a torch atop a horse also covered in Klan robes and symbols. The teenager sent the photo to his mother, who then posted about it on social media.

“I was scared, shocked. It was like a threat,” said the student who found the flyer in comments to local CBS affiliate KENS5. “At the end of the day, it’s oppressing me and many others at this school. Others are laughing, I don’t find it funny.”

They even got the FBI looking into it, now that they have determined that Trump isn't colluding with Russia.

The FBI told CNN that “so far” no federal crime had been committed–while defending the KKK recruitment flyer on free speech grounds.
I guess it's true- 50% of all Klan 'members' are government informants.