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    St. Louis "child gun deaths" continue with a niglet self-deleting, and pappy off to NU

    St. Louis County police said 3-year-old Rodney March III was at home with his mother and father when he accessed an unsecured gun in a bedroom and accidentally shot himself in the head the 9500 block of Jacobi shortly before noon.
    Friday morning, the 28-year-old suspect, who police said is the boy's father, was charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child in the first degree. He is being held on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

    According to police, March II left a loaded .40 caliber Glock within reach of the 3-year-old, which he was able to get a hold of and shoot himself.

    The buck just left the gun there? It probably wanted the niglet to die so it wouldn't have to pay any more niglet support. What really happened was that it said, "Ahz dares you, muhfuggah, you be a bitch, you ain got no guts!"

    It shouldn't be considered a crime to enable a nigger of any age making itself good, but it's just fine the buck is off to NU. Think of the humans that won't get robbed, muh dikked and murdered by the pappy, or by the niglet when it got big enough.

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    We know the world is messed up when the top-earning golfer for years was a nigger, our ex-president is a Muslim born in Kenya, Snowden fled to Hong Kong and Russia to escape the U.S. government, George Zimmerman was put on trial, and GQ called Colin Kapernick its Citizen of the Year.

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    How come most niggers can't hit water from a boat but every time a niglet self-deletes it's a headshot?

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