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    Retired White NFL player and wife allegedly murdered by their adopted octaroon baboon

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is some sort of mutant nigger sprog hybrid.
    The bodies of former NFL lineman Barry Bennett and his wife were found inside their rural Minnesota home Wednesday and police are now searching for the couple’s 22-year-old son.

    Barry and Carol Bennett, both 63, were found by a friend who performed a welfare check after phoning the Todd County Sheriff's Office to report that they had not responded to texts or phone calls since Tuesday.

    In court documents filed Friday, authorities said the Bennetts died of "multiple gunshot wounds" at their home in Long Prairie, a town of about 3,500 about 100 miles northwest of Minneapolis. An arrest warrant has been issued for the couple's son, Dylan Bennett, who is charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

    On Monday morning, Dylan Bennett was seen driving his car during a bank transaction in which a large sum of cash was withdrawn from the Bennetts' account, the complaint said.

    Carol Bennett's credit and debit cards were used in Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Her car was found in Columbus, Ohio; Dylan Bennett had a plane ticket for a flight from Columbus to Cancun, Mexico.
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    This is only one reason why humans should NEVER adopt these baboons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey Ford View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is some sort of mutant nigger sprog hybrid.
    That looks like a dominicoon or Puerto ricoon!!

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    Has to be some nigger in there somewhere. That nose, jaw and lips just scream nigger.
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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