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    Hillary Clinton Fundraises for Illegal Aliens Detained in Massive ICE Workplace Raids in Mississippi

    Defeated 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is fundraising for groups providing legal aid to illegal aliens detained in the ICE workplace enforcement raids in Mississippi Wednesday, and aid for their families. The raids across seven chicken processing plants in the state detained about 680 suspected illegal aliens. ICE reported about 300 of those detained were released on humanitarian grounds to take care of children.

    Clinton posted a statement on Twitter Friday promoting a fundraising page by the pro-Democrat group ActBlue that is directing funds to six illegal alien support groups.

    Clinton said, “If you’re heartsick over the images and videos of children in Mississippi whose parents were taken away by ICE, pitch in or spread the word to fund organizations that are providing legal aid and support services to impacted families:”
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    Can we deport Hillary?
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck Simian View Post
    Can we deport Hillary?
    Oh if it were only so. I would pitch in for the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck Simian View Post
    Can we deport Hillary?
    Send Cankles to Haiti.
    Black privilege is getting to act like a fucking chimp in public and then having the balls to make everybody else apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracka Jack View Post
    Send Cankles to Haiti.
    I'd donate to this one. The Haitian niggers have a score to settle and they could get medieval in a hurry!

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    That rotten bitch just can't STFU even after the humiliating loss to Trump. She should just go away and die someplace.
    Black lives DON'T matter. Never did, and never will.

    You can't have law and order and filthy niggers too.

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    Any wagers as to how much her foundation ponied up for this fundraising? Or better yet, how much of these donations will disappear into the Clinton foundations coffers, ala Haiti?
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