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    She boon St. Louis Police sergeant: there beez racisms on the Police Force!

    St. Louis sergeant: There are white supremacists on the police force

    A growing number of police departments in America's largest cities told CBS News that they've added implicit bias training. Nevertheless, hundreds of officers in multiple states have recently been exposed for racist social media posts attacking minorities and promoting racial stereotypes.

    In St. Louis, Missouri, one sergeant whose department has officers at the center of the controversy said that the culture among her department's top brass is allowing bad cops to slip through the cracks.

    "Do you think that there are white supremacists on the police force?" asked CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

    "Yes" said Heather Taylor, an almost 19-year veteran on the St. Louis Metro police force.

    "You didn't even pause," Pegues said.

    "Have you seen some of the Facebook posts of some of our suspended officers right now?" Taylor responded. "Yes."
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    It isn't just police. A growing number of humans hate niggers too. Growing daily. With every "We bees demandin' ripperations an sheet!" and "YT makes racist computers!" and "only white people can be racists!" and "Let's keel white babies!" and other stupid nigger puke, they create another nigger hater. How many members do we have today? How many did we have last month? The month before? How many will we have at the end of the year? Nuff said, there.....

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    The police force is the perfect place for a racist. Maybe I should have been a police officer. I believe in law and order, and I do not believe in niggers. Not that I deny they exist, but simply that they must be controlled. Nowadays they are completely Out of Control. Perhaps Officer Weasel might have made a difference.
    Nothing destroys neighborhoods faster than niggers. Nothing!

    You can't have law and order and filthy niggers too.

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    The terms racist and white supremacists are thrown around way too much now.

    These niggers have no idea what true racists and white supremacists are.

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