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    Niggers chimping as Nathan Bedford Forrest gets gets his own holiday in Tennessee

    Gov. Lee signs proclamation for 'Nathan Bedford Forrest Day' to be observed in Tennessee

    Governor Bill Lee has signed a proclamation for Saturday to be observed as "Nathan Bedford Forrest Day" in Tennessee, in accordance with a previously signed state law.

    The day honors Forrest, a Confederate general and a former grand wizard of the early Ku Klux Klan.

    "Nathan Bedford Forrest Day" is among six separate days of special observation included in the law, which includes two others pertaining to the Confederacy.

    "Robert E. Lee Day" (Jan. 18) and "Confederate Decoration Day," also known as "Confederate Memorial Day" and the birthday of "Confederate President Jefferson Davis" (June 3) are also recognized in accordance with the state law.

    And the niggers go waaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If it ends up being a day off, niggers will accept that part. Now wouldn't it be EPIC if Trump also made it a federal holiday?

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    James Earl Ray Day should be a national holiday.
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    God Bless Tennessee

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    This man deserves to be in Washington DC more so than that morally bankrupt nigger MLK.
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    I'm related to NBF...

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