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    ACME market has seen my white ass for the last time.

    So, there are two ACME's within 3 miles of me. I used to go to the closer one until it became fuxated by the busses hauling niggers there from Murdertown. The last straw was watching a nigger buck stick a couple packages of steaks in it's sweat pants. It was being wrangled by police just outside as I left. So about 2 years ago I started going to the other one. A little further from nigger central. Fewer shitbeasts shopping there, but they had one or two as cashiers.

    Two weeks ago at the checkout, the human cashier is telling another human employee, "they're cutting everyone's hours, and there are 8 new people starting next week." My nigdar gave a faint ping, but I soon forgot about it.

    Go in there today, and they've replaced the express checkout lane, and one or two others with self checkout. I FUCKING HATE SELF CHECKOUT GOD DAMN IT!!!! I never get out of there without spending at least $50. I find it terribly disrespectful to make customers check themselves out.

    So there I am with half a cart of groceries, and my options are self checkout, or pick a nigger sow cashier to deal with. Well apparently they decided that filthy niggers were under-represented on their payroll. There are at least 4 new niggers I've not seen there before.

    I've decided I'm done with ALL of the local supermarkets. Fuck'em. It's not bad enough that 90% of the shit they peddle I would never eat, but now they want to cut corners by making me check myself out, or deal with a cheap labor nigger.

    I've resolved that I will now drive 1/2 hour to shop in human stronghold areas. There's a Wegman's 30 minutes to the north, and a couple choices 30 minutes to the west. All of them in PA, which means sales tax, (none in DE). I don't care, I'll pay it to not have to have some disease carrying nigger touch my food.

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    Black privilege is getting to act like a fucking chimp in public and then having the balls to make everybody else apologize.

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    I like the self checkout over the express lane because I get out faster. If I am only stopping in for one or two items I don't want to wait 20 minutes in line. I guess I see it a little different. My regular shopping though I use a regular line.

    Lucky for me there are no niggers at the moment aside of the deli which I don't go to anyway.

    I do the same with chik-fil-a. The one close is LOADED with niggers. 5 more miles it is nigger free. So I drive to that one.

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    I feel bad for you.

    But I am compelled to report this to the highest authority.
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    Personally, I prefer self-check out. No more do I have to make small talk with a cashier who is staring at me with judging eyes.

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    For the longest time I thought self checkout was taking advantage of customers. It's their job to ring up your items. If there was a 2-3% incentive off my bill, I think that's fair. Now though I prefer not to deal with a nigger cashier at Nigmart. So if I have 15 items or less I do it myself. Nigmart is just a better deal than Target. We have niggers where I live but maybe still 10%. Though I'm noticing a rise in recent years. They all live in the bad part of town, Sect. 8.
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    I don't like self check out either. But I'll do it to avoid a drooling nigger.

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    I'll use the self checkout when at NigMart for simple reason I get out faster and know my shit is bagged the way it's supposed to be.

    Otherwise I get groceries delivered from a store located in a nigger/dune coon free neighborhood.

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