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    2 niggers play chicken with ATVs and are made good, coalburner sobs

    Families mourn loss of 2 men killed in July 4 ATV crash

    Family and friends are mourning the deaths of two men who died on the 4th of July in an ATV crash.

    It happened along Sandy Ridge Road in Byhalia Thursday evening.

    A family friend says the two men were close friends and no strangers to riding ATVs.

    "Today, I still can’t even process it. It doesn’t even seem true,” said Faith Richie.

    Richie’s still trying to make sense of it all. She was close friends with 23-year-old Tevin Hardin.

    "He’s a really good guy and I hate that this had to happen to him,” said Richie.

    Hardin died when his ATV collided with the ATV driven by 29-year-old Denorris Robinson. Robinson was also killed.
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    We can ONLY hope this becomes yet another nigger challenge

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    Too bad there's no video..........

    And of course, the age old question. Where did they steal the ATV's?

    Bet it sounded like two coconuts being smashed together when their nogs collided.
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    We need to get niggers to start doing the "Go Back to Da Muddahland" challenge.
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    Niggers, as stupid as they are, have proven to be a useful condition more than once.

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    Surprised the fambly isn't talking about suing the ATV manufacturers for niggibslotto.
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    Too bad she wasn't riding bitch.

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    When I was working for the Army we had a JROTC nigger named Tevin come thru for some kind of volunteer bullshit. This was not him that got daid. Our nigger joined the Air Force later.(scratches head)

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