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    Shon shot execution style on a Cincinnati street

    Daylight in front of a crowd. Niggers don't give a shit - until now. He is being remembered as a good boy who worked hard and loved music (you know, that nigger music). Shon obviously pissed someone off. In a normal society people just don't ride up to you at random on bicycles and blow your head off.
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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    But most niggers heads are so hard only a .50 BMG can penetrate....and that in a miracle situation

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    He was HUGE in music and an aspiring rapper! He was deeply involved in his career at a fast-food place! He walked two miles each day to get there with the cRap beats in his nappy haid! He took care of his sow's keeds! He was a role model to them!

    What a good boy! Are they sure his name wasn't Endicott?

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    There goes another future Astronaut.
    "Of course there's something wrong with him, he's a Negro probably been stealing since he could crawl".
    Mortimer Duke, Trading Places, 1983. "Burn wood, not coal".

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    "He was huge in his music, huge. I mean, you couldn't be around the guy without hearing him rap or his lyrics. He was always writing his choruses, listening to beats," said Walker's friend Skyler Sumner.

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