The CP5 are as guilty of the horrific attack on Trisha Meili as anyone ever has been guilty of any crime.

They have never been exonerated.

And Matias Reyes did not act alone.

The three lies that the Racism-Industrial-Complex are now feeding the public that I have exposed above are grotesque lies. And they are lies of an especially evil type, for they reflect the desperateness and greed of the professional “anti-Racists” who scrape the bottom of barrels to create victims out of the worst of victimizers.

Trisha Meili isn’t buying any of this -- and she remains the real victim in this case. She is the real hero about whose courageous, dignified stand against the unrelenting ravages of the violent racial hatred with which she’s been bombarded should be the subject of many films and television series.

Something tells me that neither Netflix nor anyone else will take me up on this suggestion.