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    Newborn Niglet in Dumpster

    I'm calling

    A newborn was rescued after being left in a dumpster in Stockton on Tuesday, and the baby's mother has been located and hospitalized, police said.
    Oh, the Mother of the Year here is 15. Nigger fambly values.

    So I looked it up:
    Winslow Village Apartments
    5926 Village Green Dr, Stockton, California 95210 (an absolute hell hole of an area)

    Low income, Section 8.
    Stupid and lazy should be fatal.

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    Trash dumpster = Nigger baby crib.
    I hate niglets because they always grow up to be full grown niggers.

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    The feral dogs were slow that morning to find their breakfast. Monkey meat.
    Coalburning is bestiality.

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    Where else do you put garbage?

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    The dumpster isn't much different than the section 8 crib it came from.
    "Of course there's something wrong with him, he's a Negro probably been stealing since he could crawl".
    Mortimer Duke, Trading Places, 1983. "Burn wood, not coal".

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    Forth trimester nigger abortion.

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    I don't understand what the crime was. She was fighting crime in my opinion. Give her a coupon for a 3 piece and staple her muh poosie shut.

    Wait... I know what the crime was. It was making the dumpster stink.

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    Why chuck the niglet in the dumpster? Was the toilet plugged up?
    islam (is-LAHM) n.
    1. The frothy mixture of semen and goat dung resulting from Muslim sex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rape Ape View Post
    Why chuck the niglet in the dumpster? Was the toilet plugged up?
    yes, from the last niglet.

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    Ok. The niggerhood is a little cleaner......

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