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  2. Nigger leaves the UK to go back to 'da muddaland' and couldn't be happier

    Let's encourage this.
    Letter from Africa: 'Why I'm glad I left the UK to go home'
  3. Boris Johnson's adviser admits blacks have a lower I.Q. (Shocking!)
  4. UN: explosive population growth in Apefrica, 15 fastest growing cities in the world

    15. Lilongwe, Malawi, has an estimated 2020 population of 1,122,000 and is projected to grow by 97% to 2,210,000 in 2035.
  5. Florida Jamaicoon niggers in shock after Dennis gets jiggy with a machete

    A Florida man attacked his daughter and her teen sister with a machete, police say
  6. Alabama sheboon Rep Rolanda wants to make vasectomies mandatory for all men over 50 or after third child

    Proposed Alabama bill would require men to get vasectomy at age 50 or after third child

    I have a better bill- mandatory vasectomies for all niggers and...
  7. Nigger shooting at nigger restaurant= nigger Valentine's Day celebration
  8. I don't consider myself to be a 'White...

    I don't consider myself to be a 'White Supremacist' either. I like to think of myself as a 'Nigger Inferiorist' LOL.
    I would object to niggers and sandmonkeys being imported into Japan just as much...
  9. Yankees player takes out restraining order against she boon who claims he sends her 'sex signals' from the field

    It's apparently rutting season for this she boon. Wait, it's always rutting season for niggers.
    Married Yankee Brett Gardner, 36, files for a restraining order against an obsessed fan, 46, who...
  10. She boon model won't wear monkey ears and big red niggerlips at fashion show- rayciss!

    African American model, 25, refuses to wear monkey costume of overgrown ears and lips and blasts the Fashion Institute of Technology's NYFW runway show for being racist

    Apparently they got a human...
  11. I admit that she was an unattractive specimen of...

    I admit that she was an unattractive specimen of a White woman. But she could've gotten a drunk human to father her her offspring, am I right?

    Maybe the incel...
  12. Her DNA was underneath the nigger's fingernails....

    Her DNA was underneath the nigger's fingernails. Methinks muh dikkens might've been afoot. What was this crazy bitch thinking to wander into a nigger infested park and try to score drugs?
  13. Egypt's sandnigger population to swell to 100 million exacerbating poverty, overcrowding and limited resources

    As Egypt’s Population Hits 100 Million, Celebration Is Muted
    With little habitable land, deepening poverty and dwindling supplies of water, the future looks bleak. And there is no sign of a...
  14. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation terming "at risk" niggers to be renamed "with promise" niggers to solve nigger crime

    That'll solve the nigger crime problem, Gavin. You go, girl!
    Term ‘At-Risk Youth’ Replaced With ‘At-Promise Youth’ In California Penal Codes

  15. 14 year old stabby criminigger who killed Tessa Majors arrested
  16. New Philly she boon Police Commissioner changes rules so cops can wear ghetto nails- 1st act of office

    What ya gonna do when you call the cops on the niggers and the responding cops are niggers that side withe crimminiggers against you?
    New Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw is already...
  17. In India? I thought that the asslifters belonged...

    In India? I thought that the asslifters belonged in pakistan next door. India is for Hindus, pakistan is for mudslimes.
  18. Top UFC manager Ali Abdelaziz has been a very, very naughty sandnigger
  19. And an overdraft fee of 5 foodstamps. :nuffins

    And an overdraft fee of 5 foodstamps. :nuffins
  20. What Martin Looter Kang had to say about 'Capitalism' an' sheeyit

    Nigger are all for that 'redistribution of wealth' as long as it's your wealth into their pockets. God bless James Earl Ray.
  21. At least the Swedish youth are kicking the muzzie...

    At least the Swedish youth are kicking the muzzie trash out of their local Burger Kings. You got to start somewhere.
  22. James Brown's coalburner convinces nigger D.A. to consider 'murder probe' into his batwinging

    "Old niggers never die, they just smell that way."- Johnny Rebel
    Fulton County district attorney taking another look into James Brown’s death

  23. Why that would be segregation which is racisms!...

    Why that would be segregation which is racisms! And we can't have those racisms, now can we?
  24. Nigger owned/operated 'OneUnited Bank' issues new Harriet Tubman credit card that will take niggers to Wakanda

    One United Bank- google it. A nigger owned and operated "bank" built from public taxpayer dollars that the nigger CEO and VIPs use as their own personal piggy bank. FAIL as only a nigger can...
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