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  1. Trio of niggers target Asian women for purse snatchings, car break ins & racial slurs

    Three Charged in Alleged Hate Crime Spree Targeting Bay Area Asian Women

  2. A right proper dead nigger storage. ;)

    A right proper dead nigger storage. ;)
  3. Tucker- finally getting around to saying what the...

    Tucker- finally getting around to saying what the internets have already been saying for years. ;)
  4. Hillary gets booed and jeered while accepting ridiculous, unearned title @ Queens University
  5. BLM niggers warn of "uprising" of George Floyd proportions 'cuz COVID Vaccines are 'raycisss azzza muddafuggah'

    New York BLM Leader Promises National ‘Uprising’ Over ‘Racist’ Vaccine Mandates

    Oh my.
  6. I've noticed most church niggers are usually...

    I've noticed most church niggers are usually pretty obese, living good on those 'love offerings' and keeping the local buffet owners panicking :melon

    I think that this one mostly just had bad...
  7. Michael Jordan's son be up in the hospital after a really, really bad night out

    Michael Jordan’s Son, Jeffrey, Accused Of Assault In AZ
  8. Nigger students butthurt after finding white guys in their 'multi-cultural safe space'

    This happened @ ASU in beautiful downtown Tempe, AZ where I went to college. Of course, there were no nigger safe spaces there then. Thankfully.
  9. ...
  10. MMA Fighter Sao Joao has a message for Joe Biden
  11. I'm sure he found some predominately White...

    I'm sure he found some predominately White inhabited red states to dump them in. Anything to fuck up America. Democrats hate America.
  12. A long time ago I read Danny Bonaduce's...

    A long time ago I read Danny Bonaduce's autobiography (yeah, I was that bored :)
    In it, Danny said when he was hooked on drugs (really bad coke habit) and when he was in a strange town doing a gig...
  13. Sandmonkey attempts to break into cockpit, strangles flight attendant on JetBlue Flight

    Man accused of rushing cockpit, attacking flight attendant on flight from Boston to San Juan

  14. Jail nigger monkeyshines jamboree at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center
  15. Aspiring Doctor found floating in the Illinois River

    Illinois coroner identifies body as missing graduate student Jelani Day
    Emmette Till sez hi, Jelani!

    And of course, raycissss whitey didn't want to go...
  16. Liberal group funded by Soros advocates "shooting Republicans"

    You can bet your ass that if a so-called 'Far Right' group were to infer anything about shooting Democrats, that the Glownigger Gestapo would descend down on them like a Biblical horde of locusts. ...
  17. Now, Buckhead are "racist segregationists" for wanting to be free of nigger infested Apelanta

    Much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands over at CNN for Buckhead wanting to secede from Apelanta, thus cutting them off from tax revenues to support all the lazy, shiftless niggers that refuse...
  18. Texas tells Al Sharpcoon to go piss up a rope

    Texans Shout Down Al Sharpton’s Border Speech, ‘We Don’t Want Your Racism In Texas, Get Outta Here

  19. Biden Admin won't verify nigger ex-Surgeon General & coalburner's employment- can't refinance home

    Useless affirmative action nigger Surgeon General can't refinance him and his coalburner's niggernest! LOL LOL LOL
    Trump's surgeon general says he can't refinance home because Biden 'unwilling' to...
  20. Biden's newly imported religion-of-peace rapemonkeys already up to pedo al-dik

    Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Federal Crimes, Including Sexual Assault of a Minor

  21. Importing niggers so they can complain about...

    Importing niggers so they can complain about slavery! What a great idea.
    Fact: most niggers currently living in America immigrated here long after slavery was abolished and it has never touched...
  22. Brave Army deserter nigger Mack Miller running for Lt. Gov of Nevada gets asskicking courtesy of Security/LVPD

    Mack Miller, Nevada Lt. Governor Candidate, Forcibly Thrown Out of Meeting
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  24. Some Old Trosley/Hustler cartoons from back when

    Sure Trosley and Larry Flynt were both a couple of nigloving libs, but some of the old stuff was pretty funny. ;)
  25. NIGDAR PING: Police stop 'men' with KFC, drug baggies and thousands of dollars in trunk

    This happened in New Zealand which, thankfully for them, has a very low nigger population. But, still looks like niggershines to me ;) .
    New Zealand Covid: Men caught smuggling KFC into lockdown-hit...
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