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  1. Hell yeah!

    Hell yeah!
  2. Anyone who gets swindled by someone named Medi...

    Anyone who gets swindled by someone named Medi Abalimba is obviously dumber than a bag of hammers to begin with.

    And she went out and got herself a brand new nigger already. This reminds me of a...
  3. Looks like Rufus is all grown up now....

    Looks like Rufus is all grown up now.
  4. Ironic troll signs pointing out muzzie misogyny draw muzzie & feminist ire

  5. While we're on the subject of dumb shit that Al...

    While we're on the subject of dumb shit that Al Sharpton says.
  6. Oil driller drowns while proposing underwater to his she boon

    Zachary man dies in Tanzania after attempting underwater marriage proposal, girlfriend says

  7. Restaurant accused of racisms for banning baggy nigger clothes and distasteful apparel

    Baltimore Restaurant Accused Of Racism After Posting This Dress Code

  8. REKT! Rep. Matt Gaetz asks Al Sharpton why he refers to Semites as "Bloodsucking Jews" & "Diamond Merchants"

    Al Sharpcoon gets seriously REKT. All of the stupid shit he's said over the last few decades are coming back to haunt in.
  9. British Con-servative Party leading witchhunt over islamophobia in their ranks & suspending members over tweets

    Yo, Boris. Why you allow this?
    Islamophobia: Conservative Party members suspended over posts
  10. 2 muzzies pissed after flight crew cancels flight over fears that they're terrorists

    Two Muslim men claim their American Airlines flight was canceled because crew freaked out when they waved to each other from different ends of plane and flushed toilet twice before take off

  11. The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists is too 'White' say libs
  12. Gross. :eek:

  13. Police question nigger wandering by crime scene- racist!

    Disturbing video shows white Baltimore cop confront black principal walking past a crime scene with his son and demanding to know if the educator was involved

    An edumukashional nigger.

  14. Nigger school security guard pawns his body armor & service weapon for gas money

    Pinellas school guardian pawned his gun and body armor, deputies say
    Those allegations came to light after his arrest on charges of domestic battery and false imprisonment. He was fired by the...
  15. Replies

    Tow truck driver has had it
  16. Dumb NJ City Council coons say that to "Jew Down" someone is a 'verb' and not a slur

    So if I say to "nigger down" someone, that's not a slur?

  17. Niggerball ratings continue to go downhill by double digits

    ‘Sunday Night Football’ Ratings Fall In Week 2 As Falcons Clip Eagles For Dramatic Win
    Our team of niggers can run faster and throw a ball better than your team of niggers!...
  18. If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out...

    If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.- Matthew 5:29

    Since all...
  19. Jancy and Naire' do the murder-suicide thing
  20. Doctor accuses Antonio Brown of repeatedly farting in his face and not paying bills

    Nigger farts- gross!
    Pittsburgh Doctor Claims Antonio Brown Repeatedly Farted In His Face, Owes Him $11,500

  21. Buck killer Ed Buck arrested after third nigger buck overdoses in his home

    Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested on drug charges after new overdose at his West Hollywood home

  22. Hijab she boon tells Indian bus driver that he stinks of curry

    The she boon probably smells like camel shit and muzzie jizz, and curry is much more preferable than that.

  23. Nigger stabs burner & baby to death and burns down house to avoid paying child support

    Dad ‘stabbed his own baby to death because he didn’t want to pay child support’
    I don't think that this burner conceived with this nigger, that baby is really light skinned. Maybe the burner was...
  24. Muslin con artist Ilhan Omar deletes a potentially damning tweet
  25. MSNBC magic nigger Joy Reid gloats about dwindling White populations, says they will use apartheid to stay in power

    Fucking one of the dumbest magic nigger she boons there are.
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