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  1. She Boon Nigger Underwear Mafia relieving Kohl's Dept Store of all their Nike Underwear

    3 women accused of stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of underwear
  2. Retard nigger gets arrested- cops called RAYCISSSS, blah blah ya know the routine
  3. Stealthily, the Bat Fairy takes down Muhammad right as he gives an important speech (hilarious video!)

    Saudi businessman Muhammad Al-Qahtani dies mid-speech in shocking video

  4. 9year old niglet caps 15 year old Nykayla over a bottle of gatorade

  5. That nigger was laying on the pavement, which in...

    That nigger was laying on the pavement, which in Florida at this time of the year is boiling hot. When that nigger comes off of whatever drugs he was on, he will be in immense pain from all those...
  6. Homeless Africoon migrant rapes American tourist in Paris outside the Notre Dame Cathedral

    US tourist, 27, is raped in public toilets opposite Notre Dame in Paris 'by homeless attacker, 23, who was then trapped in a cubicle by victim's partner and women who heard her crying'

  7. Naked nigger rampages in Florida after robbing onlooker with machete

    Volusia sheriff: Naked man hurled machete at surveyor, tried to rob him
  8. Is that a cast member of the upcoming TV show...

    Is that a cast member of the upcoming TV show Fear The Walking Undead Niggers? :lol

    I've noticed that it's a trend amongst zombie based TV show to put as many niggers in the cast as possible and...
  9. BASED Asian! ...

    BASED Asian!
  10. Nigger bleeds to deffs in elevator after his mudshark stabs him- cops DGAF cuz racisms, something something

    Bodycam video shows Utah police refusing to help Black man as he bled to death in an elevator

  11. Crazy lookin' nigger takes 'Iron Man Pills' and then knocks out his niglet's teefs- he crazy when on dem pills!

    Las Vegas police: Father knocked out child's teeth, did not enroll him in school

  12. Niggers rent aquatic park for Niglet Birfday Party- evil whiteys cancel it because racisms

    Missouri family says racism led to pool party cancellation
    Here's footage of the niggers chimping out at a rather small white female employee of said...
  13. Four little niggers steal a Hyundai and crash it on the freeway

    Moment group of teens crash a stolen car and run off Minnesota highway after 'How to Hotwire' TikTok trend showed users how to steal new Kia and Hyundai models with a single USB cable

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  16. Dreadfully horrible she boon has world's longest fingernails

    Woman sets Guinness World Record with 42-foot long fingernails, report says
  17. The Bat Fairy comes for Magnum P.I.'s nigger buddy T.C.

    Roger E. Mosley, Actor on ‘Magnum, P.I.,’ Dies at 83

    And the nigger affirmative action got him the role. :unigger
  18. :lol :lol :lol

    :lol :lol :lol
  19. 300+ hayshee niggers found on grounded sailboat off the Florida Keys

    Haitian migrants removed from grounded sailboat near Key Largo; over 300 in custody

  20. Nigger/mudshark team that robs jackpot winners in Atlantic City identified- help the Police catch 'em

    Atlantic City Casino Robbers’ Identities Now Known by New Jersey State Police

    That is one friggin' ugly and manly lookin' mudshark. I wouldn't be surprised if the nigger is down low and it has a...
  21. I hope the U.S. Army isn't that desperate for recruits
  22. Apefirmative Action Police Officer DeShawn doing on duty, non-consensual muh dik

    Former Fresno-area police officer charged with series of on-duty sexual assaults

    Yes Nobita, avoid the groid! Keep Japan nigger free!
  24. Nigger imprisoned for smearing crap on woman's face get scarred for life by inmate's scalding water attack

    NYC man accused of smearing feces on woman’s face has own face scalded with boiling water in jail

  25. I just posted an article where a she boon...

    I just posted an article where a she boon actually doused her buck with gas at a gas station and then did set him on fire. Apparently this is a trending thing. :bongo
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