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  1. I think I am going to be sick. eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww...

    I think I am going to be sick. eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww
  2. The coon robbed a bank just to toss the stolen...

    The coon robbed a bank just to toss the stolen cash into a garbage can. Pure nigger genius.
    And can't these stupid UK banks afford to hire security guards?
  3. Slovakia effectively bans Islam from country, forbids mosques

    Slovakia effectively bans Islam from country, forbids mosques

  4. Joe 'brainfart' Biden lies about being arrested in S Africa on his way to meet commienigger Nelson Mandela

    It appears Joe Biden has been lying about a trip he took to South Africa to meet Mandela

  5. Nigger and coalburner try to run over kids on bicycles over for having Trump flags

    Indiana couple drove boys with Trump flags off road: police

    The buck is still on the loose but the burner is in custody. Think maybe the burner has learned her lesson?
  6. Coronavirus hits Iran, 4 sandmonkeys dead-13 infected-735 hospitalized with symptoms

    Coronavirus has spread to several Iranian cities- health ministry official
  7. Harvard accepts knuckle dragging street groid into law school because of outstanding scholastic achievement, not quotas

    Hello, Harvard Law: Overcoming The Odds, Stockton Native Is Accepted To Law School

    20 years from now, this will the Dem's frontrunner for presidential candidacy. Anybody wanna bet?
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    1 out of 4 cowboys were niggers!

    'One in four cowboys were black'. The Yee Haw Agenda's founder on the politics of cowboy style
  9. Jarvis the 'behavioral interventionist' body slams student fracturing his skull

    Arrest made after Florida school’s ‘behavioral interventionist’ accused of fracturing 12-year-old’s skull

    The 'student' was probably a niglet. The school is for 'at-risk youth.'
  10. George Zimmerman suing niggerlovers Buttigieg and Warren for calling him racist White supremacist

    George Zimmerman sues Warren, Buttigieg for tweets marking Trayvon Martin's birthday
  11. Niggers debate White teacher over the word "nigger"

    School District Investigating After Buchholz High Teacher Uses Racial Slurs In Classroom

  12. They started having security guards here locally...

    They started having security guards here locally mostly because of nigger theft. Niggers steal the rap cds from the music section. And, unfortunately, yes they do have nigger rap cds at the library...
  13. There's a really good book about the atrocities...

    There's a really good book about the atrocities committed against the Germans after WWII called Gruesome Harvest, by Ralph Keeling.
    It said that the US army niggers in Germany would exploit the food...
  14. She boon really sucks at fraud and killing her boss

    Essentially, this was a feral apefirmative action she boon working some low level gig at a law firm.

    Woman tried to kill boss – twice – to hide fraud scheme
  15. Laurence Fishburne's biological sproglet did...

    Laurence Fishburne's biological sproglet did porn, too.
    Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter Tells Why She Did Porn & What Dad Thinks

    Funfact: the actress Amy Irving spit out one of Spielberg's kids....
  16. BREAKING: Batwings for rap dindu 'Pop Smoke' during home invasion robbery (VIDEO)

    Rapper Pop Smoke Killed in Shooting at Hollywood Hills Home

  17. DUI nigger opens fire with a 9mm at kids who threw snowballs at his hooptie

    Milwaukee man charged with shooting kids who threw snowballs at car

    Sure, these chirrens were probably niggers, but we'll never know for sure.

  18. Baltimore: nigger robber kills syrian refugee pizza delivery driver

    Syrian Refugee Khaled Heeba Fled Civil War Only To Be Shot, Killed While On Pizza Delivery Route In Baltimore
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  20. Professor gets suspended after nigger protest because he called the police on unruly nigger student

    Nigger ju's be wantin' his edumuckashun!
    Professor suspended for calling police on black student

  21. What's strange is the way he took down that...

    What's strange is the way he took down that soycoon. In prison, this is known as 'dumping' or 'spilling.' Inmates in prison are fond of grabbing someone's legs, picking them up and then dumping them...
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  24. Maxine sheboon Waters says Trump's new budget is racist

    A racist budget?
    Oh, Trump cut nigger gibs muh dats. How terrible.
  25. Shakena LOL

    Shakena LOL
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