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  1. Texas GOP Official mixaloid calls freeloading GOP Committee nigger J.T. Edwards a nigger

    Texas GOP leader blames racist text message referring to a fellow black party member as a 'typical n**' on 'fast typing', as local leaders call for her resignation
  2. Nigger has farts that can kill mosquitoes for six mile radius

    Man whose deadly farts ‘can kill mosquitoes hired to create Mosquito Repellent made from his intestinal gas’
  3. Britt McHenry suing FOX News for letting their pet nigger ape 'Tyrus' sexually harass her

    Fox Nation host Britt McHenry sues network, alleging sexual harassment

  4. Another nigger working in Medical Center goes muh dik on psychiatric patients

    Medical center employee accused of sexually assaulting 2 female patients in Rockville, police say
  5. Democrat lib she boon admits 'Demographics Are Destiny" and libs want to use it as a weapon against Whitey

    Liberal Operative Spills The Beans: ‘We’re Trying to Make [Demographics] Destiny’
  6. Seriously, if this nigger had anything of a...

    Seriously, if this nigger had anything of a brain, he could have sued the domain name owner for 'Cyber Squatting' and had a pretty good chance of taking the domain over legally. The domain owner was...
  7. Swedish Cuck Couple kidnapped, tortured by ‘Hitler-worshipping Islamist’ migrant over rape

    An African migrant described as a “Hitler-worshipping Islamist” has been sentenced to five years in prison for kidnapping a young Swedish couple and subjecting an 18-year-old male to hours of brutal...
  8. Nigeria Niggerballer's Contract Terminated & Kicked Out Of Slovenia After He Impregnated Club President's Daughter

    A Nigerian footballer has reportedly seen his contract with a European club terminated after impregnating the daughter of the club's president just six months after joining.

  9. Bampumim says he murdered & robbed to hide his muh dikkens

    Bampumim Teixeira’s claim of an affair called ‘utterly absurd’
  10. African magic nigger invents anti-rape panties that alert police when nigger rapist tears them off

    African Men Try Leading the Fight to Stop Sexual Violence
  11. Degenerate Social Media nigger tries to steal domain name- at gunpoint, gets NU scholarship for 14 years

    Social media influencer gets 14 years in prison for plot to 'hijack' website at gunpoint

    The man was convicted for plotting an armed home invasion to try and obtain the rights to,...
  12. Niggers threaten to leave the UK if Conservatives win the next election

    Why Black Brits Are Considering Leaving UK After Election: ‘If The Conservatives Win, I’m Gone’

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments have fuelled racism, say worried families.

  13. Coongressman Al Green screams RAYCISS! when confronted with facts by reporter

    Rayciss! Raycisss! RRRAAAYYYCCIISSSS!
  14. Here's a better version. ...

    Here's a better version.
  15. Italy: Italianos dressed as Krampus fetch nigger invaders a festive Holiday ass kicking!

    Brings a tear to my eye. Merry Christmas Italia!
  16. Eh tu, Boris? New Boris Johnson Conservative Party Ad promotes disgusting & vile coalburning
  17. It just gets better! Cops Claim Juice Wrld...

    It just gets better!
    Cops Claim Juice Wrld Swallowed Painkillers In Attempt To Hide Them From Feds

  18. New Miss Universe 2019 is a nappy headed she boon from Africa!

    "I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful.

    And the nappy...
  19. Staffanstorp, Sweden promotes its sandnigger free, low crime and safe community in commercial- RAYCISS!

    A tiny municipality in southern Sweden has stirred up a hornet's nest with a new commercial proclaiming that it's a safe neighbourhood, where ordinary Swedes can live and prosper....
  20. Batwinged Juice WRLD nigger's security guards arrested for guns and drugs before his goodification

    Federal agents and Chicago police were confiscating drugs and guns from luggage when rapper Juice Wrld suffered seizure at Midway, officials say

    The dumb nigger was bleeding from his mouth. WTF...
  21. ...
  22. Niggers voting "'no on Brexit." Letting...

    Niggers voting "'no on Brexit."

    Letting niggers in your country was bad enough. Now they want to let them vote, too? There apparently is no low too low for the English govt to stoop to to get what...
  23. Don't give me no lip, you damn Nigger LOL

    Alistair Overeem comments on gruesome injury at UFC on ESPN 7: ‘Lip not too sexy at the moment’
  25. Why Santa won't go to nigger neighborhoods
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