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  1. Norwegian government minister gives 100,000 euros to Islamists to convert 100-year-old church into a mosque

    (Article in Norwegian. Use Google Translate to read the report)
  2. The word "degenerate" does not apply to groids. ...

    The word "degenerate" does not apply to groids.

    Definition of "degenerate": having sunk to a condition below that which is normal to a type/kind

    This is a Typical Nigger Behaviour (TNB)....
  3. Wisconsin high school "student" Tyrone shot by police after pointing pellet gun at police and another student's head

    Pavement ape Tyrone Smith


  4. Liberal mind: "More people die from femicide than from terrorism in Belgium. Therefore, we need more niggers and sandniggers in Belgium"

    What an absolute moron!

    The cretins at "Amnesty International Belgium" pretend that there’s no connection...
  5. What a disgusting half-wit! :niggerlover The...

    What a disgusting half-wit! :niggerlover

    The Guardian-reading, BBC-watching libtards will never vote for this clown, even if he publishes photos of himself personally drilling shit-apes.
  6. Taco Bell employee swings 18-inch machete at a drive-thru customer

  7. An Abomination from the depths of Hell. Product...

    An Abomination from the depths of Hell. Product of a most heinous crime against Nature, Reason, and God!
  8. Prolific mudshark parasite complains that state benefits donít cover costs for her 8 mulatto niglet monsters

    :smashcomp :vomit


  9. :rofl:thumb

  10. Tadarrius Lawaun arrested for kidnapping, robbing, raping & sodomizing woman at gunpoint (Birmingham, Alabama)



  11. 10289

  12. Replies

    Here is the relevant thread: ...

    Here is the relevant thread:!
  13. ^fixed^

  14. Niglet pulls TV over, Mammy chimps out ---> Niglet tenderized to death

    :traybat 10288

  15. "Angry" neighbour batters disabled human to death for complaining about his barking dog

    Matthew (before & after the attack)


    Heinous and abominable...
  16. DNA test leads to arrest of 71-year-old groid on charges of rape, sodomy and burglary in a 1990 case

  17. Sandnigger blocks the galley and entryway to the airplaneís bathroom so it can lift its ass to Allah; steward calls the cockpit to report the obstacle; "peaceful" chimps out & punches him in the face

  18. Sheboon relatives begin shooting at each other, 5-year-old football "star" gets killed in crossfire


    The dead rape-ape

  19. Florida sheriff personally escorts groid to jail for cruelty to a superior animal after the nigger's dog was found "extremely emaciated"
  20. So sorry. I forgot the eye-bleach warning :homer

    So sorry. I forgot the eye-bleach warning :homer
  21. This sickfuck moron is also a shit-driller. Here...

    This sickfuck moron is also a shit-driller. Here is his pet she-ape:
  22. Nothing will surprise me after this: ...

    Nothing will surprise me after this:

  23. One of UK's Labour Party's largest support networks is managed from the Gaza Strip by Hamas terrorists

    Corbyn calling Hamas and Hezbollah his "friends"
  24. Nigger emergency operator sends ambulance to wrong address, allergy pen fails and sheboon dies of nut allergy
  25. :cheers :thanks:witchdoctor ...

    :cheers :thanks:witchdoctor


    Btw, thank you very much for the new award. Much appreciated!
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