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  2. Exotic Dog Breeder Mom opens fire on nigger dog thieves

    Niggers will steal anything. Nigger 'yoofs' have no regard for your life and will rob you at the drop of a hat. Never let a nigger in your home! Never "meet" a nigger somewhere for a transaction....
  3. Let us hope...

    Let us hope that they have not spawned a mutant, mixed sproglet.
  4. Kassceen and his beat up coalburner make a niglet popsicle in their home freezer

    Father charged with murder in death of young son whose remains were found in freezer
  5. Chicago's Miracle Mile shopping district utterly destroyed by rampaging niggers & shows no sign of return

    I am nigger, destroyer of worlds.
    Chicago's Magnificent Mile is dying from an increasingly familiar cause

    If by "..increasingly familiar cause" you mean niggers, then you are correct....
  6. Murder nigger set free early from can guess the rest

    Polk deputies nab killer, released early from prison, wanted for new murder in New Jersey

  7. NAACP pressuring colleges to remove minimum standardized test scores to get more 'afflete bakkabaw' niggers in

    NCAA task force recommends removing minimum standardized test scores in effort to advance racial equity
    Why not just turn all of America's College Institutions...
  8. 56 year old nigger Dr. Dre served with divorce papers at his grandmother's funeral

    How the hell does a 56 year old nigger still have a living grandmother?
    Dr Dre ‘angry’ at being served divorce papers at grandmother’s funeral
  9. High yella bakkabaw star Delonte so eager to go back to jail he beats on Police Station doors

    Delonte West arrested for reportedly resisting arrest, banging on police doors while intoxicated

  10. The pop culture wreckers always take the things...

    The pop culture wreckers always take the things you like most away first. :(

    Damn was I pissed when the second game in the Watchdogs series made me have to play as a nigger! A nigger hacker....
  11. Flavor Flav nigger arrested for domestic abuse chimp out weeks before one year sobriety LOL

    Weeks before one year of sobriety? How many weeks? 50? There's only 52 weeks in a year. :lol
    Flavor Flav Arrested for Domestic Battery in Las Vegas Weeks Before Marking Year of Sobriety
  12. The guys over @ GAB New Nigger Meme Repository...

    The guys over @ GAB New Nigger Meme Repository have a lot of stuff like that.

    They have a pretty good she boon water buffalo vs hippopotamus fight there today:...
  13. 95 y.o. 'Black Panther' actress she boon Dorothy Steel has other breakfast plans THX to the Bat Fairy

    Dorothy Steel, ‘Black Panther’ Actress Who Began Acting at 88, Dead at 95
  14. We wuz Quainz: Cleopatra found shot dead on side of the road

    'Unreal': Phoenix mother of 5 killed in apparent homicide
    This she boon breeds like a cockroach!

  15. Replies

    He beez da muhfuggen Rambo an' sheeit. LOL ...

    I am trying to figure out the blueprints of this plan this genius nigger drew up. He shot the car up with pregnant baby momma while she was cruising down the interstate? :lol Stupid nigger crime of...
  16. Opportunity (nigger)Knocks: doublewide niggernosed Latonia robs homes while residents are at Funerals

    NYC woman is found guilty of robbing homes of victims while they were at the funerals of their spouses after finding targets through obituaries

  17. A long time ago a chimpanzee managed to stowaway...

    A long time ago a chimpanzee managed to stowaway aboard a freight ship. It accidentally got offloaded with the freight in Somalia. Since it was actually smarter than the Somali coons, it ran for...
  18. Mob of angry niggers kill homopedo vampire serial killer nigger

    Masten Wanjala: Mob beats Kenyan child serial killer to death - police
  19. Batman goes into the oildrilling business

    New Batman trailer just dropped a few minutes ago and I was dumb enough to watch it. As Gomer Pyle would say, surprise surprise!

    Apparently the she...
  20. Nigger students planning protest suspended after they saw naughty, naughty Confederate Flag on campus

    Georgia High School Students Say They Were Suspended for Planned Confederate Flag Protest
    Aaahhz felt rilly dizrespkted cuz da skooo didz nuffins...
  21. Serial batwinging snakehead Tyron offs K'mia & another breeder sow inbetween robberies

    2 St. Petersburg mothers were killed within a week — by the same man, police say

    Remember, the #1 cause of death among niggers isn't colonization, racisms, prejudice, lack of gibs, whitey's evil...
  22. Yep. She went from burning the coal to simply...

    She went from burning the coal to simply just burning. You might even say she's burned out. :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol
  23. Replies

    Those gatorade bottles have seals on them. After...

    Those gatorade bottles have seals on them. After that nigger drank out of them, it would be obvious that they had been opened.
  24. Replies

    There used to be a nigger a few years ago that...

    There used to be a nigger a few years ago that lived in the run down building across the street from where I used to live. He was always bragging about how he 'gots it made.' He had an obamaphone...
  25. Recalcitrant nigger learns the hard way to obey Police Orders

    It starts at the 6:30 mark.
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