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  1. It's like that 60 year old nigger who muh dikked...

    It's like that 60 year old nigger who muh dikked his step daughter before (after?) batwinging her. The allure of one last muh dik is too much for a nigger to resist.

    Q: Why did the dead...
  2. Lively Congolese snakehead refugee turnin' his life around gets much deserved batwings

    Patrick Lyoya was working to turn around his life before police officer killed him

  3. Cameljockeys busted for $100 million BABY FORMULA Fraud blame "morons that elected Trump" for getting caught

    Defendant Sentenced in Multi-Million-Dollar Baby Formula Fraud Scheme Blamed the Trucker ‘Morons That Elected’ Donald Trump for Getting Him Caught: Documents
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    This fine group of doctors, scientists and...

    This fine group of doctors, scientists and engineers are definitely what this country needs to continue to be a world class superpower and retain dominance in innovation. :lol
  5. Hotel staff get snakehead Geremy busted for sex trafficking girl out of his room

    Missing Chicago teen found in Alabama thanks to hotel employees; Michigan man charged with human trafficking

  6. It has been noted that sex trafficking skyrockets...

    It has been noted that sex trafficking skyrockets around play offs, super bowls and high profile sporting events. If there's anything that a nigger enjoys more than throwing a ball of air around,...
  7. Fat she boon takes a dump at the wig store, damages 8 wigs

    Public enemy number two! Kansas cops hunt female 'poopetrator' who 'defecated on and DESTROYED eight wigs in a beauty store'

  8. A comedian once joked that someone knows that...

    A comedian once joked that someone knows that they have hit rock bottom if they are so broke that they have to shoplift at a dollar store. :lol

    But robbing one? That means that that someone is...
  9. Quandaryus indicted for batwinging fast food employee Maresha over botched order

    Man indicted in murder of Dixie Queen employee, DA says

    A quick google on this nigger indicates that he also enjoys marching for Martin Looter Kang with his sproglet Tyquan when he's not busy...
  10. Gucci & Adidas team up to make $1600 tacky nigger bling umbrella

    Soon you will see this horrifically tacky, ugly bling item with eye bleedingly awful color choices in nigger (c)rap videos. Sure to be a big hit with the she boons for sure.
    Gucci x Adidas sell...
  11. Martin County School District didn't like student's creative NIGGER Art Project

    I enjoyed it, tho. :lol
    Student racial slur photo sparks outrage and investigation in Martin County

  12. Washed up bakkabaw nigger threatens to muh dik heckler's moms
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    Sticky: ...
  14. Professor fired for pointing out "Black Privilege" after Fentanyl Floyd batwinged gets his job back

    University Must Reinstate Professor Who Tweeted About ‘Black Privilege’

    An arbitrator found that the University of Central Florida failed to show “just cause” last year when it fired Charles Negy,...
  16. After polluting the world with 8 niglets, Nick Cannon getting a much needed vasectomy

    Nick Cannon Says He Had Vasectomy Consultation: 'Ain't Looking to Populate the Earth Completely'

  17. 8th grade niglet caps stepfather for telling him it's bedtime then runs away, steals a car and drives to his mammy's 150 miles away LOL

    8th grader shoots dad in argument over bedtime, police say

  18. A very strong case for castrating rapists....

    A very strong case for castrating rapists. Especially pedos who prey on the underage.
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    A .22 rifle! Is that the best weapon this dindu...

    A .22 rifle! Is that the best weapon this dindu could steal from a whitey?
  20. Sicko schizo nursing home nigger who savagely beat elderly veteran to death ACQUITTED

    Charges Dropped for Mentally Ill Thug Who Battered Elderly Veteran on Video in Nursing Home

  21. NY Senate rules courts cant use a nigger's (c)rap music lyrics as evidence in court

    NY senate passes 'Rap Music on Trial' bill preventing song lyrics from being used as evidence in criminal cases

  22. "Hang 'em, they did it!" Joe Biden talks Rodney King, Police beatings way back when
  23. Bakkabaw star Rajon Rondo pulls gun on his family threatens to shoot up dat muhfugga

    Rajon Rondo’s former partner alleges he pulled gun, threatened her in front of their kids

    Muh vidya games, beeeesh!!

    Muh daughter be a THOT!
  24. FOX News' Jesse Watters talks to a "single mom"

    Scroll to the 20:20 mark LOLZY. :lol
  25. The Family that Prays together, stays together- nigger edition

    A Memphis couple was arrested this weekend for allegedly shooting at a fast-food restaurant with workers inside and their young child in tow.

    You might ask, what caused this whole nigger...
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