Chimpout Rules

1) Absolutely no violence. Do not advocate or suggest violence in any way. Trying to mask violent suggestions with clever metaphors also will not be tolerated. Please take this rule very seriously. This is especially vital when speaking of ANY politician or holders of ANY public office. Use your common sense.

2) Fair Use Policy. If you are going to post an article from another web site such as a news story, do not post the entire article. You may ONLY post small portions of the article. According to the 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the US Copyright law, you can post such articles in this manner: “...use in a parody of some of the content of the article parodied; summary of an address or article with brief quotations.” To be extra careful it is best not to copy the authors name or the title of the article. Posting all this information can lead to legal problems for the forums. DO NOT directly link (hotlink) to images on other websites. That is another serious copyright violation that could get us into trouble. Violating this policy will earn you a mandatory ban so please take note. We don't take members risking the fate of the entire forum lightly.

3) No personal flaming of other members in the open forums. Issues between members should be taken care of via private messaging.

4) No pornographic images of any kind, even showing the depravity of filthy niggers. Nobody wants to see it.

5) Alcohol and drug abuse will not be accepted as a excuse for inappropriate behavior. More than one or two occasions of uncontrolled intoxication will earn an escort to the door. Alcohol has always been one of our most destructive problems within the forums so please take note...if you have a problem controlling yourself when you are intoxicated, don't log onto Chimpout. Decide what is most important to you, your beer or your membership here.

6) NO NIGGERS under any circumstances.

7) Limit non-nigger bashing to coal burners/oil drillers and Muslims. We don't want to hear about the Jews or the Fags. Keep focused and respectful of other humans who don't lay with niggers or blow up infidels.

8) No talk of civil uprisings, race wars or creations of off site real world movements. Use this site to bash niggers not create illegal group hunts. Don't draw unnecessary attention to us by making us out to be an army of killer racists.

9) No advertisements or other commercial links allowed in the profiles or signature lines of any member. No spamming of the Chimpout name or address on any other web site.

10) Challenging or harassing ANY staff member (Trustee, Super Moderator, or Admin) in a hostile manner will earn an instant IP ban. We are very easy to reason with but when that becomes impossible we will cut our losses and be rid of you. We don't like niggers here. Don't behave like one.

Chimpout Rules