View Full Version : The truth about all the supposed nigger civilizations

Mr. Sandman
07-30-2017, 02:41 PM
Someone called for dank memes, and someone posted this pure truth:


I recently saw something about the richest people in history that unfortunately falls for the nigger kangz myth. The wealth of people like Crassus and Cosimo de' Medici are well documented, and we know the extent of the empires ruled by conquerors. Those can be put into modern terms. But how are we supposed to take seriously the claims about a kangz of Timbuktu, when nobody in sub-Sarahan Africa invented the wheel, and their written languages were so primitive that almost all the "history" (muh dikk, pillaging, and muh dikk) had to be oral? "Maign, dat homie gots all dem gold bars, all other muhfuggas ain gots nothin like dat, sheeit!" It's as believable as modern niggers trying to show off their dollars.


Little math here: 72,000 niggers (and we're supposed to believe none ran off with their gold?) carrying 4 pounds of gold each = 288,000 pounds of gold = 130,633,920 grams = 6,761,590 cm3 = 239 cubic feet. When all of humanity's gold mining is a cube maybe 60 feet on each side, we're supposed to think that a kangz from the middle of Apefrika had so much, hundreds of years ago, its spending money was the equivalent of a cube more than 6 feet on one side, not including the 24,000 pounds (somehow just in gold dust?) on the camels? It's bullshit.