View Full Version : LECHONTE And NIKITA Get Stabby With SYLVANUS

Master Sergeant
05-02-2017, 01:42 PM

A SHE BOON has been accused of conspiring with another NIGGER to rob her date, who was later stabbed.

On Saturday night, Lechonte-Andrea Ilima Day went on a date with Sylvanus Ralls, arrest documents said. Day asked Ralls to drive her to a residence in Cumberland County after the date.

Arrest documents did not specify the location of the residence. When they arrived, Nikita Fuquell Creech came out of the home with a knife.

Day and Creech then stole RallsíSAIL PHPME, car keys, credit cards and $300, the arrest documents said.

A struggle ensued and Ralls suffered two stab wounds to the back, including one that punctured his liver, the warrant said. Creech then called 911.

Deputies went through Dayís text messages, which revealed that she set up a date with Ralls and then colluded with Creech to rob him. The arrest documents said Day also texted Creech to let him know that Ralls had $300 on him.

Day, 25, was arrested Sunday and charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, conspiracy and robbery with a dangerous weapon, an arrest warrant said.