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  1. I'll be a proper house resident
  2. Glad the Plantation's back!
  3. Hello brethren!
  4. Glad to be back
  5. I'm Back
  6. Glad the site is back!
  7. Hello again all, CO alumni glad to be back.
  8. Thank Christ!
  9. Hello
  10. Glad I finally got on-board!!
  11. I was about ready to pull the plug on my Internet service.....
  12. Glad to be back
  13. hello dindu.
  14. Hello you guys!!!
  15. Hello chimpout and plantation members.
  16. So glad we're back.
  17. Back
  18. Hello to everyone at the Dindu Plantation
  19. Hello again
  20. Good to be back.
  21. Howdy
  22. Happy to be back!
  23. I'm glad you guys are back.
  24. Chimpout, Shitskin & now Dindu...I'm checking in.
  25. Chimpout,shitskin,and now dindu
  26. I raise my vodka to the rebirth of the plantation!
  27. Glad to be back
  28. The Master Sergeant Is Back!
  29. woohoo,the forum is back.
  30. Glad y'all are back
  31. Happy to see the fight goes on...
  32. I'm glad to be back too!!!
  33. Yes...It's good to have a like-minded site.
  34. Its good to be home...
  35. Back again
  36. Glad to be back!
  37. Back on the Plantation
  38. Looking forward to
  39. Spookavoider here, and glad to be back home!
  40. Finally back up
  41. Good to be back
  42. Glad the site is back!
  43. Hey everyone
  44. sup
  45. Good to see you all again
  46. Howdy to all
  47. This is the first post I've ever made here
  48. Hi all from gun_luver
  49. Thanks for keeping it alive
  50. I'm almost in tears at finding the site is back
  51. Happy to have found you again.
  52. Found my way back
  53. Glad to be back!
  54. Profiler is back!!!
  55. Found you once AGAIN !!
  56. We meet again
  57. found ya!
  58. Can't keep a good nigger hater down
  59. Yes! Same Plantation, New Name, Same Owners!
  60. Hello Everyone
  61. ...at last...
  62. Good to see my old friends on a new plantation
  63. Tarzan of Detroit
  64. You guys are all racists
  65. Grateful new member
  66. Finally around people like me
  67. Found my way home again
  68. Ted has arrived...
  69. Hello from a United States patriot
  70. hello
  71. new here
  72. Hello from Australia
  73. Back to work Dindus Massas here.
  74. Greetings from the UK
  75. Bix Nood introducing himself!
  76. Glad To Be Back On THe Plantation Again
  77. Correlation w/Africa & DeeTroit
  78. Great To Be Back
  79. G'day from Australia!
  80. Gods work is done here
  81. Hello Everyone
  82. Thank you
  83. Just found today where Ambrose went,,,,, He would remember me ''''
  84. I can't tell one from another
  85. Black Moslems
  86. Finally Found You Folks!
  87. happy to be here
  88. Greetings fellow nigger haters!
  89. Good to be here
  90. Love the plantation
  91. Greetings from SW Pa
  92. Greetings everyone
  93. New member here who is very happy to have stumbled onto this site by accident.
  94. New(ish) member
  95. Home again
  96. Happy to have found his site
  97. Great to find you again
  98. Newbee
  99. Nice to see some familiar names again!
  100. Hi All!
  101. found this while searching for "chimpout"
  102. New Member hello all
  103. Feeling the racism directed at whites
  104. Great to find the site
  105. Hello to all! Glad to be here!
  106. Glad to find you again
  107. 'ello
  108. N-mania and CO alumni
  109. Howdy ALL,
  110. Hi, friends...
  111. Greetings Nigger Haters
  112. Hello
  113. Hi all
  114. I miss my old "I made a niggle mad" black bomb award
  115. I just registered here at Dindu Plantation, and I'm bringing my WHIP!
  116. Greetings planters!
  117. greeting fellow residents of the plantation
  118. Greetings & Salutations
  119. I cant believe I found you guys again!
  120. Anger grows
  121. O8ers Saying a Heartfelt Hello!
  122. Hello Fellow Nigger Knockers
  123. Introduction
  124. Hello Hello
  125. Hello friends
  126. Another member from CO checking in
  127. Greetings Plantation friends
  128. Good to see you back up
  129. Hi
  130. Longtime reader/lurker over at Chimpout and Shitskin Plantation; I finally registered here today.
  131. Salutations
  132. Hello
  133. Happy New Year
  134. Hello fellow humans...
  135. Hi folks
  136. I'm here for the same reason as the majority of the rest of you... I rebuke ALL negroes!
  137. Im baaaaack!
  138. Greetings
  139. Never know what to say
  140. New/Old nigger basher
  141. Thanks for adding me to your great site
  142. Me
  143. Great to be here!
  144. Fed up with monkeyshines
  145. I despise Niggers
  146. High diddlelee ho white neighborrinoes!
  147. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
  148. Sick of monkeyshines and TNB
  149. Hello everyone!
  150. Great to be back!
  151. Been a member a while
  152. Good To Have You Back
  153. Hello from Manchester...
  154. New Member
  155. Previous member
  156. Hello from a previous member
  157. Glad to be back
  158. After all these years, I thought this forum was forever gone.
  159. Hello from a new member
  160. :D
  161. Just here to watch the carnage...
  162. Greetings from a long time lurker
  163. Greetings from behind enemy lines.
  164. Long live Chimpout Radio!
  165. Hello again! Glad that C.O. is back!
  166. New Member from Down Under
  167. Greetings From Melbourne Australia
  168. Hello from England
  169. Hello from Australia
  170. Introduction
  171. Eternal Nigger and Sand Nigger Hater
  172. Hello from China
  173. Good to see the site up again!
  174. Hello everybody, I glad to have found this site!
  175. Glad to be back
  176. Glad this site is finally back
  177. Unbelievable
  178. Someone whos aware of the nigger and sand nigger problem
  179. Chimpout is back, and so am I! :)
  180. Good to be back
  181. New to the forum, not to hating niggers.
  182. Hello all!
  183. Thanks and hello to everyone here
  184. Thanks for the add!
  185. Hello, here's why I hate niggers
  186. Wonderful
  187. I'm Back and Its Looking Beautiful!
  188. After a few years, i'm back for good.
  189. New guy
  190. Glad to be here.
  191. Longtime lurker checking in...
  192. Hello one and all.
  193. TYRONE sez hello
  194. Long time lurker, glad I joined
  195. Hello From Pennslyvania
  196. Hello all!
  197. Hello all!
  198. Delighted to be here
  199. Hello
  200. Old Lurker, New Member.
  201. New guy pulling up a chair during isolation, before the inevitable mass chimpout begins
  202. The White Knight here
  203. Pleased to be here.
  204. Hello Everyone!
  205. Been asked to post an introduction
  206. CoonsRus checking in
  207. A quick hello
  208. I'm new here
  209. Long time lurker here
  210. Glad to Be Back!
  211. New Recruit
  212. New member
  213. Hi! First time poster, long time lurker
  214. Howdy Y'all
  215. Dave Here
  216. MrAnonymous - Hey all (again)
  217. Hello, GeneralPat Here
  218. Thank You For Letting Me Join
  219. Hello Everyone
  220. I'm on board
  221. Introduction -- I am NIGGERED OUT~!
  222. New member here
  223. Asian Perspective
  224. My sincere pleasure being here... Thanks for having me!!!
  225. Glad to be here
  226. Hello
  227. Hello Everyone
  228. Hello my fellow nigger haters!
  229. Chinese hate team is coming
  230. Intro chimpout
  231. Hello Everyone!
  232. Glad To Be Here!
  233. Long time lurker making it official.
  234. Happy to Join - At Last
  235. New Member Again
  236. Glad To Be Back
  237. Wanted To Join Here For A While - BLM BULLSHIT PUSHED ME OVER THE LINE
  238. New to Site
  239. Hello from new member
  240. Introduction
  241. Hi Im glad youre back
  242. Glad to be here
  243. New fella here
  244. New Member
  245. New nigger hater
  246. Newbie
  247. New to the forums. Toxic Negroid Syndrome is very serious.
  248. Formerly posted as Da Ambalamps in the old CO
  249. New Member.
  250. From the Heart of Dixie