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  2. Tased by police nigger accrues $14 million medical debt+$1 million a year in expenses, then wins $100 million settlement
  3. Lotto winner Shiron Cooper gets $292,000USD from Jersey City
  4. Heather Mudshark - "The Face of Hunger in America"
  5. Tax Payer Day
  6. $28 million settlement not enough for shake down niggers screaming racisms at Denny's
  7. Why do niggers steal catalytic converters?
  8. NYC nigger Mayor Eric Adams to use taxpayer $$ to buy "Rent Vouchers" to move niggers into upscale areas of NY
  9. Albino Niggers
  10. Niggers now suing State Farm insurance looking for nigger lottery because racisms
  11. What's with this "Rent Stabilization" scam?
  12. The MCU and it's effects on the nigger brain
  13. Nigger can't read or write until he's 18. Becomes professor at Cambridge U.
  14. Dune coon says he's "only taking pictures of white children for himself."
  15. UK is ripping up the country to build houses for niggers and Muhammads.
  16. Nigger tells biker "yo kind ain't welcum here, no mo!"
  17. Switzerland: Nigger sow appropriates White culture, becomes politican, complains
  18. Video evidence of niggers fleeing Ukraine and crying "racism" because they are cowards.
  19. Apparently, drinking coffee is racist, now.
  20. Meta: Apefirmative action sow erns $190k for not working
  21. Better get second jobs, people