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  1. Mudshark achieves full diversity from buckfriend, then self-deletes
  2. Nominations for 2019's Coalburner of the Year
  3. Good news, Nigger kills his coal and his spawn :).
  4. Dead Burner Downunder
  5. Nigger shoots his shark fatally during argument
  6. Nigger plays baseball with his ex burner's head, leaves dead body in the woods
  7. Nominations for 2020's Coalburner of the Year
  8. Oil Drilling US Capitol Cop tops himself in shame over bedding and wedding a she boon
  9. Coalburner pics
  10. Jamaal capped his online date burner Jessica and her dad for saying he had a 'pumpkin head' LOL
  11. It took 14 years to catch this nigger who killed his mudshark
  12. Kivi found at the scene of the crime with smoking gun in hand after capping Shelby and their sproglet!
  13. Coalburner found via iPhone app after nigger put her body in trunk
  14. Nigger Buck Uses Tinder to Trap old White Guy to Rob & Kill him
  15. burning model found dead in Germany
  16. "Former model" pals around with snakehead nigger trucker, gets horribly diversified
  17. Nigger Self Deletes after Taking Out His Pregnant Bitch. But Morons Save the Turdler
  18. Nigger caps his burner after forcing other female into freezer at gunpoint
  19. Teenaper LaVonte 'accidentally' shoots his 17 year old burner Kelsey in the head
  20. Sandshark and sproglet mixed baby offed by sandnigger daddy in South Africa
  21. UK nigger creature murders its burner with crowbar
  22. Another mudshark chopped up
  23. Pretty blue eyed burner learned the hard way not to date niggers
  24. Every mudshark eventually gets eaten
  25. Pregnant Kelsie coalburner's remains still not found after niggerjocker Donthe gets N.U. scholarship for her murder
  26. Marisela does Dallas: leaves a bar with at least one nigger, and gets diversified
  27. Old news: worst mud shark in the world. helping a murder monkey get out of jail scott free.
  28. Dateline on Mackenzie Lueck, our Coalburner of the Year 2019
  29. Here's why you don't fornicate with niggers....
  30. BLM-Loving Massachimpsetts 'Burner Batwinged At Beach By Babydaddy
  31. Burning with acid after burning coal
  32. If at first you don't succeed, try again: nigger strangles and then finally shoots his burner
  33. Dismembered sandmonkey Fahim sewed back together by funeral home after Tyrese butchers him
  34. Yet another burner get diversified
  35. Mud shark / Oil Driller Deadpool.
  36. Nigger boxer avoids dat chile support in the usual way
  37. Brenleigh the burner 'could light up a room' until she got lit up by her mystery meat mixaloid nigger ex
  38. Nigger caps his Latina exburner Amanda Broderick, her daughter and her new pet monkey
  39. Nigger Derek Tyrone caps his burner and absconds with her 15 year old daughter
  40. North Carolina woman learned her lesson, the hard way
  41. Missing coalburner found dead and wrapped in a sheet under her pet monkey's bed
  42. Mudshark's pet ape kills her three year old human son by bathtub full of scalding hot water
  43. Filthy Texas Coal-burner and Teenaper Sprog Made Real Good
  44. Old nigger buck beats his young mud shark to death. Unfortunately they leave nigglets.
  45. Mudshark's estranged Monkey returns! Batwings one of her niglets and serves her & himself a hot lead sandwich.
  46. mud shark missing, nigger boyfriend arrested.
  47. Another One Bites The Dust
  48. Atravius' thick nigger skull prevents his own 9mm self batwinging after shooting his burner 7x
  49. Badly aging burner & her mom receive vibrant multi-cultural enrichment from her mystery meat spigger
  50. Vitalina shot in restaurant she worked at by her negroid jocker
  51. Man Killed Pregnant Girlfriend, Burned Her Body With Friend's Help, Police Say
  52. Nignog who coalburned his GF, caught after 4 months on the run
  53. And yet another burner is diversified
  54. Nigger's assault charge upgraded to murder after his burner dies post rough sex chimp out
  55. Coaling burning whore gets killed from her nigger dates.
  56. Does Anyone Remember...?
  57. Ft Hood Army nigger's new Army coalburner helps him dismember & dispose of Army ex coalburner
  58. Antonio done capped his pregnant Hispanic burner
  59. America just got decapitated by her buck
  60. A little silly observation I have noticed about mudsharks
  61. Nigger Pimp Kills Its White Hoe in NYC then leaves Body In Barrel out in the NJ Suburbs
  62. Non-profit springs fat ol' buck from NU. Mere hours later, it pummels its mudshark to deff
  63. Hilarious UPDATE! Unable to dismember his burner, Marcus wraps her in plastic and drags her to a creek
  64. Joana shot in the face by her nigger while her sproglet sat in her lap
  65. Hannah Miller shot to death and left on the side of the road by snakehead jocker
  66. Kia Riley- another nigger, another burner, another shooting- you know the routine
  67. Jennifer's friends find her body on her couch where pet nigger ape strangled her
  68. Lamont wrangled, gets 31 1/2 years for deleting second mudshark
  69. Nigger-loving whore capped by pig-faced Fat Albert buck
  70. Lot's of dead Coalburners and Mudsharks for September 2021
  71. Toronto mudshark and sprog missing
  72. Coalburner named Buck (37) runs from abusive buck (53) only to to pay the toll anyway
  73. Coalburner attempts to break into nigger's house, nigger shoots her friend dead
  74. Meghan the coalburner asks her buck for her credit card back and pays the coal toll instead
  75. CoalToll Paid for mudshark and batwings for niggerjocker in murder-suicide of landwhale Savannah Blevens
  76. Another mud shark made good
  77. Monkeyball nigger's missing coalburner's DNA found- nigger suspook suspected/arrested
  78. Niggerballer Deshazor kills mudshark when he crashes his niggermobile into a tree
  79. Instagram whore burner dead after "fun" with Ghanaian "billionaire"
  80. Mattie the burner shot by jealous buck who doesn't like sharing
  81. Motley coon blames dirty gun for death of landwhale mudshark Lavona
  82. High Point Mudshark snuffed by exjocker's Hi-Point
  83. Madison Mudshark receives blunt force trauma from her butt ugly buck
  84. Demetrius Montra Cooper calls the cops on himself after busting a cap into his burner
  85. 22 year old burner with 3 sproglets finally retired from being a niglet incubator permanently
  86. Mentally ill nigger Terrion stabbed his pretty blond burner while high on drugs because she was a man
  87. Sudanese Illegal Mudslime Shitape Wastes His French Coalburner
  88. Texas shark gets lead poisoned by its buck. Human kid gets murdered too.
  89. from Baltimore Sun 1910, Early 20th Century coalburner fined by judge for marrying nigger
  90. Mudshark got put down and acid struck by its buck in UK
  91. Tyrin murders his burner Haley, then caps himself as Police close in
  92. Tales From The Pacific....
  93. Vile MudSharks getting their just desserts
  94. Fleeing Latina mudshark found and gunned down by her mix-a-loid mystery meat hybridized monkey
  95. Tony Bennett's mudshark daughter Lizzie pays the toll
  96. Quran verses tell Tyrone to beat his mudshark with hatchet, bolt cutters and set of bongo drums
  97. Lawdy, Lawdy! Nigger done got stabby batwings via his OnlyFans mudshark UPDATE: VIDEO
  98. Fugly Jacksonville Nigger Stabs His Snow Princess to Death
  99. Dead Mudshark Storage revealed to cops as part of a nigger plea deal
  100. "Habitual Offender" Cherok caps burner and goes on TNB spree, feared possible Nigger University Scholarship
  101. Nigger Creep Goes To China To Harass Chinese Girls and Murders One
  102. Houston Snow Queen Gets The Full Mudshark Treatment
  103. Davone Unique, who batwinged his mudshark AND his sow, goes on trial.
  104. Jhamel turns his mudshark Summer into a corpulent corpse
  105. New Twist on Same Old Story... Oil Driller Offed by his MuhPoooosay....
  106. Jennifer became a target in a Target store parking lot and her pet coon Alphonso was a better shot than most coons
  107. Drive by Coal Toll payment for Latina burner Milenna
  108. Mudshark drives her nigger mad and he throws himself into Tempe Town Lake and rockfishes
  109. Mudshark sells her poosy to nigger online, gets strangled to death in motel room
  110. Innocent woman, mistaken for nigger Jamon's ex coalburner, pays coal toll she doesn't owe
  111. Pretty blonde, blue eyed pregnant mudshark's decapitated head thrown into dumpster by her ex savage nigger ape
  112. Savage Buck Beats his Mudshark's 3 yo niece to death, then tries to blame her 9 yo nephew for his Murder
  113. Mudshark leaves behind children after abusing nigger kills her
  114. Kansas nigger offs his mudshark and sproglet and then reports them missing to the popo
  115. Shykwon GIBBS shoots his burner and kills her mom, too
  116. Props to Groid_Rage... NFL Orangutan Offs His Burner....
  117. Prolific niglet incubator/mudshark Breanna won't spawn anymore sproglets THX 2 Curteze and Shallandra
  118. Hey!! Wait a minute!
  119. Nigger bleeds to deffs in elevator after his mudshark stabs him- cops DGAF cuz racisms, something something
  120. Psycho mudshark runs over her pet ape Shamatto with her car
  121. Arkansas Rape Ape Does In His Vietnamese Mushark
  122. Looks like Sorority Girl Avery won't be rutting with anymore niggers
  123. Snakehead Demarcus shoots his burner dead after she calls their coalburning quits
  124. Nigger "accidentally" shot his Latina Mudshark to death with a handgun he didn't think was "loaded"
  125. Jail employee she boon done shot her jail guard oil driller and now gains inmate status
  126. 14 year old mud shark found good with her buck
  127. Demontra shoots his mixaloid sproglet in the leg before capping his burner Krystle
  128. Follow Up. Delaware Negroid Who beat Burner to Death with Baseball Bat Gets a Lifetime Scholarship to NU
  129. Marquez kills his babymama ex-burner Desiree and her new nigger, too
  130. 'Kind and Loving' Latina mudshark killed, then locked in house with sproglets while nigger douses it with gasoline & sets fire
  131. Native American mudshark pays the toll on the reservation when sex offender groid 'boyfriend' thinks she's "cheating"
  132. Breana's parents are in denial of their daughter burning coal with nigger that busted caps in her- Police know better
  133. HA HA!!!! Liberal Oil Driller DeNiro Raked Over the Coals by Filthy Ex-Sow for Millions
  134. Sprout Headed Lezboon Murders Her Burner, Drives Around for a Week with Her in The trunk
  135. Chigger Chen from Chattanooga charged after exmudshark absent from Thanksgiving
  136. Pretty blonde police mudshark narrowly escapes paying the toll after her ex Tae Kwan Do nigger has her shot
  137. Kim Kardashian gets restraining order against man who "communicated telepathically" with her.
  138. Melissa Lucker ran outta luck, got shot in the head and tossed outta the truck
  139. Butt ugly ape Montez shoots his butt ugly burner in the head, burner found behind wheel of running car
  140. Navy nigger Jonah deep sixed his exMudshark and her four hellspawn
  141. Pretty blue eyed burner Kayla stabbed to death by her ex pet ape in a Food Lion parking lot
  142. Texas execution date set for unhinged psycho nigger who heard voices and killed his burner and sproglet in 2005
  143. Antar Antonio Jeter bumps off his mudshark, believe it or not.
  144. Laundelle collects coaltoll tax from Taleen while actually aiming for her buck and missing
  145. Roach-like nigger shoots his burner and her jeep up then barricades himself in his niggernest in 8 hour stand off
  146. BINGO!! Yep... One More Dead Shark A'la Nig York Shitty...
  147. Toll paid: Scarlett diversified by pet boo Demarkus after she wouldn't pick up a bag of pot
  148. Connecticut Nigger Just Got a Lifetime Scholarship at NU for Stabbing His Mudshark to Death in 2018
  149. Latina Rayann is vibrantly enriched by Marquan's rich culture
  150. Another feral yard ape axe-a-dent-lee shoots his burner Joanna with an "empty" gun on Thanksgiving
  151. Aldrick flees to Belize and is captured after making his burner Cari assume room temperature
  152. Cops find marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, crack, a dead mudshark and a nigger hiding in a bedroom closet
  153. Bucks County nigger gets 47 years for strangling his burner to death in a Pennsylvania hotel room
  154. UPDATE: Nigger did it. "Anthony" nigger says it "don't means nuthin" that he was the last to see dead and partially buried 43 year old Jennifer Brown alive
  155. Nigger chased through three counties, hitting several cop cars- had dead burner in plastic tote in trunk
  156. 4 niggers arrested for the muh dik and death of Mud shark Madison Brooks
  157. Kim Kardashian gets restraining order against idiot stalker
  158. Red headed Tori gets deaded when burhead shoots lead
  159. 60 y.o. mudshark Karen Barnes was left beaten to death on the kitchen floor of her apartment
  160. Keita Neyusi Albert Jr. gets all shooty and pops one in his mudshark Alexis' face
  161. C-Note and his married mudshark bitch had a falling out over some bad drugs
  162. Snakehead Devian fatally stabs and then runs over mudshark Latina beauty Saraiah with his car
  163. Mudshark flees abusive nigger but he tracks her down, stabs her 17 times and hides her body in his closet
  164. Former cops buck/mudshark duo finally decide to do the right thing
  165. New Video of Madison Brooks while in car with niggers before she got hit
  166. Swimming champ mudshark Jamie now swimming with the fishes because snakehead petnigger Kamal
  167. Drunk mudshark feetsball recruiter pays toll with pet nigger after hitting a tree while racing other feetsball nigger Jalen
  168. 41 y.o. Shaleem argues w/ his 25 y.o. fat, sloppy mudshark Rebecca before shots ring out
  169. Manly lesboon ape says her burner shot herself in the head while driving them both down the road
  170. Nigger boyfriend caps his mudshark hoe.
  171. Watch ABC news next Friday, 9pm
  172. Pretty Latina Frania murdered by hideously ugly negroid jocker days after he made bail for trying to off his previous mudshark
  173. 2 for 1: Dallvion busts a cap into his ex-mudshark Brittany and her new nigger Trayvon
  174. Hawaiian BBQ: mudshark Laau Laulusa found dead in a burning car in Honolulu, pet nigger charged w/ murder
  175. Woman who had cosmetic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian good at 34
  176. Nog busted in 20 year old Mudhark Goodification Case Released After Grand Jury Fails to Indict
  177. Stupid mudshark passes it on to mixigroid sprogs, on their way to tik tok goodness
  178. Fat ugly mudshark pays the toll by self deleting
  179. Oil-Driller DeNiro has another shitlit, His seventh...
  180. 29 y.o. nigger sex predator tosses his dead 15 y.o. underage coalburner Gracie into a dumpster
  181. 19 y.o. pregnant mudshark Anastasia shot in the back by 33 y.o. Marquis
  182. "Heartland Homicides" Canadian Saskatchewan Mudshark Get Wasted By Her Common-Law Africoon Boo
  183. Toronto magic niggroe, Kadeem, blows away filtered Russian mudshark
  184. Oakland nigger Antonio busts caps, killing his ex mudshark Rebecca and their bundle of joy Desiree
  185. Alexis the niglet incubator's career is over
  186. Latina mudshark Gabriella shot dead in front of her sister by Lavance after aborting their niglet
  187. TWO 16 yo mudhsharks pay the toll for burning the coal with twizzler turdhaid teenpaers
  188. Nigger traps his burner with his car before extracting the coaltoll with a shotgun
  189. The pros and cons of mudhsharking ... wtfffff ?????
  190. Feral Africoon Beheads His Polish Student Skank in London with Big Knife
  191. “Poppy shooted mommy, mommy blood!”- Butt ugly college feetsball nigger shoots 'burner in front of their sproglet
  192. Quamieshia warned her white friend Brittany not to date "that one person"
  193. Son of monkeyball nigger batwings self and sproglet 3 years after his drug addict 'burner Lisa Hazard goes "missing"
  194. Stop by for a cold one! Necronigger makes sail foam muh dik porn with his dead mudshark after murder
  195. Together forever: Dayshawn and Kenzie tie the knot in hell
  196. "She was beautiful. She didn't care what anyone thought of her. No one could put her fire out."
  197. Sow Covers Oil-Driller with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid...His Face Dissolved, Sow Gets Just 12 Years in NiggerU
  198. Nigger marksman fires 40 shots @ exmudshark Kaylah & manages to land 15 while leaning out the window of a Kia Soul
  199. Ashley's mother told police that she “knew this was going to happen” when she started dating DeJuan
  200. Nothing special here on this one. Just a nigger named Jeremy serving hot lead to his burner Michelle.
  201. Katelyn Puckett kicked the bucket when her ex snakehead said fuck it
  202. Veronica Smart wasn't very smart-shot in the head by her nigger while driving and dumped in the street
  203. Mantonia told his burner and her sproglet (from other nigger) to "line up"
  204. Nigger shoots out glass door, enters and shoots ex-burner, their sproglet and two of her mix-a-nigger friends
  205. Olympic spigger chucks his ho off a bridge in Puerto Rico
  206. Spigger locks dead Chinese burner in closet fearing she'll come back alive- turns up air conditioner because smell
  207. Chef Glennis prepares special meal for his mudshark with special ingredient fentanyl
  208. Homecoming Queen burner served hot lead by Nakia
  209. A jogger found Alma Delia Matias’s body just hours after police found her stranded car set on fire
  210. Nigger Army Man in Alaska Kills His beautiful Fair Skinned Burner
  211. Brittany the doughy niglet incubator got deaded
  212. Why did this fairly attractive 20 y.o. burner Emma get with this hideously ugly 39 y.o. snakehead buck?
  213. 15 y.o. Gracie decommisioned from niglet hatching by 16 y.o. "BAE" Jaquin who then fled
  214. Latina Marillorky got custody, the house, truck and fatal gunshot wounds in her divorce from spigger buck Roidan
  215. Pretty Latina burner Kaylin refused to have an abortion, so.....
  216. HIdeously ugly 53 y.o., nigger sex offender buried 29 y.o. burner in a shallow grave
  217. Mudshark Avriel's body found in a 'wooded area'
  218. Niggers definitely get the best lookin' white wimmenz- and then shoot them in the head
  219. Obummer's coal burning man ho dishes on their crack and butt crack escapades
  220. Chainsaw nigger Erik dismembers his Latina burner Maria
  221. Pregnant burner thankfully offed by monkeypet Tavaris, mutant mix-a-loid sproglet unfortunately survives
  222. Mykyle caps his ugly burner Talia right in front of their sproglet while drunk and high
  223. Latina was actually her name (!!??) but it was her sproglet that batwinged cuz he was a "demon"
  224. Lardy landwhale mudshark gunned down while walking w/ her nigger by angry next door nigger
  225. Josh Kruger's killer was his exbf radiator hose wielding sphincter spelunking oil driller buddy
  226. Pretty burner Jaelynn Poturalski "accidentally" shot in the chest by her 16 year old 'boyfriend'
  227. Pretty burner Emily Lee-Anna gunned down as she fled after refusing to get into a carload of niggers
  228. Spigger boxer's 'girlfriend' got pregnant so he tied her to a cement block and tossed her off a bridge
  229. Natalie Negray (24) found dead in hotel room after being visited by negro buck caller (44)
  230. Another Snake Headed Nigger Kills his Preggo Burner in Ohio
  231. Charlena Burnett was found inside the house with "multiple gunshot wounds," officials said
  232. Fish lipped ropehead 'Jimmy' was 'very helpful' and 'friends' with Angela
  233. Schizo Tyler was "fighting demons in his head" so he shot his burner, sproglet, stepdaughter & himself
  234. Wendi was 25 years old when Ellis shot her in the head.
  235. Clifton done capped his burner Nancy at The Plantation Motor Inn then fled to new motel and capped himself
  236. Household niggers offer police several implausible explanations how snakehead Zeke 'accidentally' shot his burner in the face
  237. 19 year old burner with 4 year old sproglet killed in nigger Mecca East St. Louis after argument
  238. Crystal tried to meet up with Raeqwon to pay him for wild monkey bestiality until..
  239. Together Forever! Croney and Serenity's murder-suicide adventure
  240. Another murder-suicide as Tiffany pays the toll
  241. Worthless mudshark hooks up with nigger. Her feral coon jocker Trevaughn then murders her adorable child Keaton.
  242. "Ex-boyfriend" grizzled, Chimpcago spigger Ken guns down his fresh faced latina burner Maria
  243. Mudshark fights back: Kaylee Gene Abagail Utt Turnipseed busts a cap into Quantell
  244. Nigger Darren stabbed up his burner Joanna so badly, cause of death took a couple of hours to confirm
  245. NC Latina Jessica's love of her life deals fatal gunshot wound
  246. Mudpanda love triangle: Asian shark has her asslifter jocker kill her dindu husband
  247. Nigger convicted of murder, gets another conviction of murdering the witness to the original murder
  248. Burner Bedtime: "...crews on the scene report seeing a stretcher with a body bag being pulled out of the home."
  249. Fresno's 1st Homicide of 2024! Elderly oildriller knifed after argument with his live in she boon
  250. Nigger Jay Rodriguez Takes Stand to Claim He Didn't Stomp His Pregnant Mudshark to Death